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Ismael El Iraki – A LETTER TO JESSE HUGUES FROM A FELLOW BATACLAN… – “Dude, don’t be like that. Just don’t. Don’t imagine that you are facing that awful fundamentalist deathwave alone. Because this is the world we live in now, and we’re all in this shit together. Muslims and Arabs are caught up in it with you, they face dying a random, stupid death like you.”

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VICE asks Edward Snowden about How to ‘Go Black’ – “VICE founder Shane Smith heads to Moscow to meet the man who started the conversation about surveillance, Edward Snowden.”

Noam Chomsky, ‘The Human Species Has Never Faced A Question Like This’ (2016) – “In an exclusive new interview Noam Chomsky reflects on the incredible period in human history we currently find ourselves in where climate change, and looming environmental collapse, threaten the very future of our species.”

The Religious Right: Part Two | Samantha Bee – “Full Frontal goes deep inside the weirdest anti-abortion art film you’ve never seen.”


Why some people get ‘skin orgasms’ from listening to music – “Have you ever been listening to a great piece of music and felt a chill run up your spine? Or goosebumps tickle your arms and shoulders? The experience is called frisson (pronounced free-sawn), a French term meaning “aesthetic chills,” and it feels like waves of pleasure running all over your skin. Some researchers have even dubbed it a ‘skin orgasm.'”

Anonymous Analytics – “Anonymous Analytics, a faction of Anonymous, has moved the issue of transparency from the political level to the corporate level. To this end, we use our unique skills to expose fraud and corruption among public companies.”

At 96, Heimlich performs his own maneuver – “Heimlich told The Enquirer Thursday his encounter with Patty Ris at the Deupree House senior living facility, where they both live, was the first time he ever performed it on a person needing immediate aid.”

Naomi Klein Explains How the Rise of Trump and Sanders Proves She Was Right All Along – “If changing the system was simply about tackling climate change, I’d say no, capitalism will never change. But now it’s about so much more than that.”

Amy Rose Spiegel on writing a woke sex book – “Our shared main obligation, on the whole, is to be kind, listen, and respect one another with enormous intent and openness. Figuring out how to best express this to each and every new person you get with might seem burdensome, since it takes a new form every time. It’s not. It leads to this shitty erosion of quality and self if you choose to go about it the other way, and why would you choose to have a bad time when the alternative is a distinctive/hot-as-fuck experience?”

The men who live as dogs: ‘We’re just the same as any person on the high street’ – “Human pups like to live in packs, play with squeaky toys, eat from bowls and nuzzle their ‘handlers’. Ahead of a new documentary, Spot, Bootbrush and Kaz open up about their community”

Swarm of bees follow grandmother’s car for over 24 hours attempting to rescue their queen – “While she was away from the vehicle, thousands of bees descended on the boot of her car, causing many passers-by to stop and take pictures of the spectacle.”

Why this man decided to become a goat – “If becoming a goat is about leading a simple life,” writes Thwaites, who is now in the UK researching a new project about the future of work, “perhaps a simpler way would be to become a goat farmer rather than a goat.”

How do trees sleep? – “Scientists from Austria, Finland and Hungary are using laser scanners to study the day-night rhythm of trees. As it turns out, trees go to sleep too.”

ISIS Had a Social Media Campaign, So We Tracked Them Down – “the ISIS social media campaign backfired spectacularly, likely revealing information about multiple ISIS supporters in major European cities, including their residential locations and, perhaps with CCTV cameras, their identities.”

US capitalism in crisis while most Americans lose out
“The inequality that is feeding the bitter, divisive and populist politics now sweeping the west”

“I’m traumatized.” – “Last night, while on a walk, I was followed by police in an unmarked car. They eventually chased me down and pointed a gun in my face.” Read the whole thread.


Je n’invente rien, je redécouvre. – “Montage parallèle d’images d’archives, travail de création et de réflexion à but non-lucratif, l’auteur ne détient pas les droits des images de ce film.”

Postkapitalismusdebatte: Fortschrittsoptimismus oder Care-Ethik? – “Die einen vertrauen auf flexible Informationstechnologien, die anderen beharren auf festen sozialen Bindungen: Zwei völlig unterschiedliche linke Ansätze befassen sich mit der Überwindung des Kapitalismus – und beide haben einen blinden Fleck.”

Blockchain: Die erste Firma ohne Menschen – “Dezentral, autonom, menschenlos: Die Investmentfirma DAO existiert nur als Code. 140 Millionen US-Dollar hat sie gesammelt. Zwei Deutsche haben sie programmiert.”

Comité Invisible – Le pouvoir est logistique. Bloquons tout ! – “Bloquons tout, donc. Nous n’avons rien à craindre. Rien ne nous manquera. Nous trouverons les façons de faire ; et elles seront belles. Elles seront, en tout cas, moins insensées que le monde dans lequel on nous fait vivre.”

Gewalt gegen Nazis wirkt – “Ein Kommentar des Antifaschisten und Buchautoren Horst Schöppner, der historisch zurückblickt und seine Gedanken in die aktuelle linke Debatte wirft, was wirksam gegen AfD und PEGIDA getan werden könnte.”

Warum wir aufhören müssen, Introvertiertheit als Schwäche zu sehen – “Die Bedürfnisse von Introvertierten werden dabei häufig übergangen. Nach wie vor gelten sie als Problemfälle, besonders im Kindesalter, und werden als Außenseiter gesehen, die schüchtern und asozial sind. Wer nicht laut genug schreit und schnell reagiert, wird übergangen.”

«Landwirtschaft ist ungesund» – “Die Menschen dachten, Landwirtschaft würde ihr Leben besser machen. Sie waren einfach nicht in der Lage, die Langzeitkonsequenzen vorherzusehen. Fehler gehören zur Geschichte.”

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