album of the month 12/03

various artists: outside the inbox – songs inspired by spam:

brad sucks is a canadian singer/songwriter who recently asked some of his musician friends to write songs inspired by and titled after spam subject lines. the result is a brilliant compilation named outside the inbox – songs inspired by spam.
all the songs can be downloaded on the website, but also ordered as a cd for only $5.00!!!! nothing beats getting mail from canada, innit?
musically most tracks are honest straight-forward rocksongs, raw, funny, wild. some of them have totally cool low-tech productions, so its no wonder the white stripes come to mind.
i personally was totally sold when on track number one, i got your letter by verbose, about halfway into the song you can hear a cat starting to meow in the background and it wont stop till the song is over… hah!
my favorite track musically is actually by brad sucks himself called look and feel much younger. its moody and dark and totally great rythm pushing forward towards a total fucking catchy bastard of chorus. woo! brad does not suck after all!
while urgent business confidential by uncle azthoth gives those nigerian business proposal emails we all know so well an eerie and hilarious voice.
this is not only a really creative way to deal with spam, most songs even get away with out too much of a moralising warning finger, working with humour and mood instead.
is it not amazing how spam has become an inevitable part and undeniable reality in our lives?

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