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Paris est une bête – Riotporn of the week


Muhammad Ali – Amazing speed

#watch and

Beginner – Ahnma – Das neue Album “Advanced Chemistry” kommt bald.

How bees detect flowers electric fields

House Of Cards – Washington DC vs. Bern

Vinay Gupta – Blockchain beyond Bitcoin

Henry – This 6 year old understands more than most of you.


Long Ambients1: Calm. Sleep. – “over the last couple of years i’ve been making really really really quiet music to listen to when i do yoga or sleep or meditate or panic. i ended up with 4 hours of music and have decided to give it away.” gee thx, moby.

We R Cute Shoplifters – “I essentially believe: take from the rich, give to the poor and fuck capitalism, I’m a democratic socialist and think capitalism is a plague to America.” If 15 year old realize this, it must be true.

Elon Musk Wants to Die in an Ultra-Democratic Society on Mars, Apparently – “If a crew of millionaires want to ditch the planet for a Martian colony where they’re going to have to agree on a set of laws or else perish amid the desolate red rocks—well, I don’t think anyone is going to have a problem with that.” When crazy sociopaths have too much money and power, this kind of madness ensues.

Euro 2016: the complete guide to every squad and every player in France – “Profiles of all 24 teams and 552 players, including tactics, caps, goals, hobbies, tattoos and much more”

Basic Income Gathers Steam Across Europe – “The referendum will be a cliff-hanger. But one major victory has already been won. A grassroots citizens’ initiative has managed to open a nationwide debate on the value of work, its relation with wealth accumulation, consumerism, economic inequality, insecurity, what kind of society people want, and the right to a dignified and fulfilling existence.”

We’re Sad About All the Wrong Things – “knowing that it’s totally irrational doesn’t make clueyness any less excruciating—something I’m reminded of every time my night is ruined by post-Uber-ride-when-the-friendly-driver-tried-to-start-a-conversation-and-I-wasn’t-in-the-mood-so-I-gave-curt-answers-until-he-finally-got-the-hint-and-then-felt-embarrassed-and-stopped guilt.”

Microplastics killing fish before they reach reproductive age, study finds – “Tiny particles of plastic litter in oceans causing deaths, stunted growth and altering behaviour of some fish that feed on them, research shows”

Tbilisi vegan cafe appeal over meat-wielding ‘extremists’ – “A vegan cafe in Tbilisi has appealed for public solidarity after being invaded by ultra-nationalists wielding grilled meat and sausages.”

How One Berliner Battles Hate: With Conscience and a Sharp Scraper – “For the last three decades, and starting long before the current uproar over the stream of refugees that is invigorating the German far right, Ms. Mensah-Schramm has spent her free time — lately, several days a week — roaming the streets of Berlin, where she lives, as well as other cities and towns throughout the country. Toting a canvas bag with the handwritten message “Against Nazis,” she checks train stations, condom machines, cigarette dispensers, playgrounds, lampposts and alleyways in search of banned Nazi symbols, anti-immigrant catchphrases and political stickers.”


Keine Angst, wir haben den Täter! – “Über 20 Filmprofis haben sich in den letzten Wochen zusammengefunden und ehrenamtlich einen Kurzfilm zu Überwachung, Privatsphäre und BÜPF gedreht”

Dateiname LOG.TXT – “Anfang 2015 kam heraus, dass Computer in der taz mehr als ein Jahr lang ausgespäht wurden. Die Recherche zum Fall führt bis nach Asien.”

Sampling-Streit mit Kraftwerk: Moses Pelham erringt Teilerfolg vorm Bundesverfassungsgericht – “Grundsatzentscheidung über das Sampling: Nach 17 Jahren Rechtsstreit zwischen Kraftwerk und dem Musikproduzenten Pelham kippt das Verfassungsgericht ein BGH-Urteil.”

ÉLOGE D’UN BRAVE HOMME – par des amis de Tanguy Fourez – “Cet homme a suscité et généré une violence gratuite inouïe dans notre ville. A suscité la terreur : finir dans une garde à vue gérée par cet homme était synonyme de violence, de peur, de menaces. (…)Pour toutes ces raisons je ne pleurerai pas sur le sort du commissaire Vandersmissen.”

Projektion von Böhmermanns Erdogan-Schmähgedicht auf türkische Botschaft – “PixelHELPER veröffentlicht die laut Hamburger Landgericht erlaubten Passagen des #Boehmermann Gedichtes als Lichtprojektion an der türkischen Botschaft. Für uns ist #Erdogan wie #Hitler zu Beginn seiner Terrorherrschaft 1933 und #Diktatoren haben es verdient von Künstlern und Menschenrechtsaktivisten mit Karikaturen genervt und dauerhaft künstlerisch angegangen zu werden.”

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