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Love wins: Laurie Penny at the Soho vigil for the Orlando shooting victims – “The love that wins is more than love between individuals who happen to be of the same sex. The love that wins is the love queer people everywhere have for each other when the storm rolls. Stronger than hate, stronger than violence, stronger than any of us alone.”

jacob appelbaum

LNP185 – “Am Ende fassen wir ausführlich die Ereignisse und Berichte rund um den Fall Jacob Appelbaum zusammen.” If your German is good enough, this podcast gives an excellent overview of the situation and raises the relevant questions that the “community of communities” must face.

The Forest for the Trees By isis agora lovecruft – “In all of this, I tried to do the right thing, to ensure that no more people were harmed, to give Jake one more chance. I wanted the anarchist, rehabilitation-focused solution, but Jake had only responded to that with threats.”

“But he does good work. – Violet Blue” – “To understand why they’re not entirely wrong, why this was allowed to continue for so long, and how we make sure this ends here, we need to examine some difficult things.”

Community 2.0 by Peter Sunde – “we must create a safe environment for everyone, including the people that have a different background to ourselves. The non-male, non-white, non-hetero are the people we’ve always wanted to include but could never find until we got enough interest. If we want to have them, which we all do and should celebrate that we finally have a chance to include, we need to understand integration; it goes both ways.”

#watch and

Velvet Indieground Radiohead Istanbul Event Attacked – “There was an AMSP promotion event at Velvet Indieground (record store) in Istanbul Turkey today. Around 21:00 (local time) a group of motherfuckers attacked and beaten up the shop owner, manhandled the visitors and vandalized the store. And their reason: just because of Turkey is in Ramadan (fasting) month and that crowd drinking beer, having fun around the store and it’s forbidden to drink alcohol and stuff in Ramadan time.”

Clams Casino – Blast – Trippy animation, meh music.

The History of Urbanization, 3700 BC – 2000 AD – “This map visualizes the history of urban settlements over 6000 years.”

General Strike: defying France’s state of emergency. – “As the worlds media attention is focused on football violence in France: yesterday (14/06/16) Paris witnessed some of it’s worst political violence in decades as protesters defied the countries state of emergency and fought battles with heavily millitarized police units.”

Rägetröpfli – “Räge räge Tröpfli”

INSURRECTION – qui est là.


It’ll be very hard for terrorism victim’s family to win lawsuit against Twitter – “Victim’s father: Twitter, Google, and Facebook profit off of terrorist propaganda.”

Anti-vaxxers Dox a Child Critic – “The anti-vaxxers decided to take a different tactic. One popular anti-vaxx blogger is Levi Quackenboss, ironically not her real name. I say ironically because she decided to dig up everything she could find about Marco and post his parents’ names, hometown, and place of employment, and then concoct a conspiracy theory about how he’s a pawn of his parents and his government. Oh, and the antivaxxers didn’t forget to throw in a bunch of racism about the fact that he’s Mexican, claiming that he can’t possibly be intelligent and interested in science because Mexicans are all uneducated savages.”

The hooligan myth – “football fans aren’t inherently predisposed to violence. if police use tear gas and water cannon, a tense stand-off will inevitably escalate into a riot. It’s time we stopped perpetuating the myth that knuckle-dragging thugs are orchestrating the violence. It’s these policing methods from the dark ages that need to be consigned to history.”

Why Is the Killer of British MP Jo Cox Not Being Called a “Terrorist”? – “it’s virtually impossible to find any media outlet calling the attacker a “terrorist” or even suggesting that it might be “terrorism.” To the contrary, the suspected killer — overnight — has been alternatively described as a gentle soul or a mentally ill “loner””

‘Could he actually win?’ Dave Eggers at a Donald Trump rally – “Is this the most dangerous campaign in history, or a surreal comedy act, playing to a crowd laughing too hard to listen? The US writer spends a day at a presidential rally”

​Nero, Nazis, and the New Far Right: The Phenomena of the Professional Troll – “When people use the word ‘troll’ nowadays, they’re largely using it improperly. It’s sort of problematic to talk about it as this catch-all term… A lot of this alt-right stuff falls into this category where you’re like, Are these people genuinely making an argument, or are they just trying to fuck around? It’s frankly just not that clear.” Whitney Phillips

‘I am not a lizard’: Mark Zuckerberg is latest celebrity asked about reptilian conspiracy – “I think there’s a less than 1 percent chance,” Uscinski said, “that we’re ruled by reptilian overlords.” You think?

Stop Exploiting LGBT Issues to Demonize Islam and Justify Anti-Muslim Policies – “Depicting anti-LGBT hatred as the exclusive (or even predominant) province of Islam is not only defamatory toward Muslims but does a massive disservice to the millions of LGBTs who have been — and continue to be — seriously oppressed, targeted, and attacked by people who have nothing to do with Islam.”

Biometric Capitalism – “It is well established now that there are many different kinds of capitalism. So what is biometric capitalism? ” @wmmna

The Olympics Are Turning Rio into a Military State – “The air is electric in Rio right now, and not just because of the surveillance cameras scattered all around the city.”

The Thick of It return ruled out by Armando Iannucci – “I now find the political landscape so alien and awful that it’s hard to match the waves of cynicism it transmits on its own.”

Why Most Gay Men Still Aren’t Allowed to Donate Blood – “Last night, a gunman killed at least 50 people in a gay nightclub in Orlando and wounded dozens more. As volunteers this morning lined up to donate blood for the victims, one of the Food and Drug Administration’s most controversial policies came into focus: Men who have had sex with other men in the past year are not allowed to give blood.”


Flugbereitschaft der deutschen Zivilgesellschaft – “Das große Sterben hat begonnen”

Kampfschlesier: Besuch bei einem, der alles hasst, was links ist – “Er schreibt: „Lügenpresse, halt die Fresse“, „Das Merkelmonster muss weg“, „Linksgrün versifftes Pack“. Unermüdlich bombardiert der Kampfschlesier Journalisten und Politiker mit E-Mails. Ein Besuch.”

Seine Rache war vernichtend – “Erst kam Gott, dann der Markt, jetzt der Algorithmus.”

Feld-Wald-Wiese am Alten Hafen – “Unter den Anhängern des englischen Nationalteams gibt es kaum mehr organisierte Hooligans. Trotzdem gelten sie bis heute als legitimes Angriffsziel – wie rund um das Spiel gegen Russland. Anatomie eines gewalttätigen Wochenendes.”

Wenn Punks sich auf Fahrrädern prügeln – Willkommen auf den Berliner “Bike Wars” – “Come—build—destroy. Die Idee ist, dass man mit viel Liebe und Aufwand irgendwas richtig Schönes baut, aber dann keine Angst hat, das zu verlieren.”

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