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“The Sideshow” feat. Ernie Fresh – DJ Shadow (Official Video) – “The 12-track album finds DJ Shadow exploring new realms in addition to the deep samples and kinetic soundscapes that helped to launch his career 20 years ago. On ‘The Mountain Will Fall’ he’s shifted further toward original composition, a vast experimentation of beats and textures, synthesizers and live instruments including horns and woodwinds. The album features Run The Jewels, Nils Frahm, Matthew Halsall, Ernie Fresh and more.”

The Great Escape – “A fish jumps out of a grocery store tank into a customer’s basket.”

Feeling sad about tragedy – “Two shootings in Orlando last weekend. We barely had time to start grieving Christina, a fellow member of the YouTube community, when the Pulse shooting happened. This is mostly about my personal experience with the culture of fame, harassment, and violence against women.”

The Secret World of Foley – “Witness the magic of moviemaking and journey into the little known world of Foley Artists, who bring films to life with their perfectly-timed sound-effects.”


Moneyshot + Cheeba (Odelay Tribute Mix) – “On June 18th 1996 Beck Hansen released his genre-smashing Dust Brothers produced second album, Odelay. 20 years later, DJs Moneyshot and Cheeba present a chronological mixtape charting the vast amount of samples, remixes, influences and references involved in the LP, with exclusive narration from Dust Brother, Mike Simpson.”

Brexit wins. An illusion dies. Paul Mason – “But if you trace this event to its root cause, it is clear: neoliberalism is broken.”

Radiohead vignettes – “Next up in our series of vignettes is Identikit by Yorgos Lanthimos.”

Climate change may soon diminish crop yields – “According to the study, rising temperatures and an increased number of droughts brought on by climate change are significantly reducing the crop durations of maize in Africa. Crop durations indicate the length of time between the planting and harvesting of a crop, and the shorter they are, the less time crops have to mature.”

Pirate Bay Co-Founder to Sue Record Labels For Defamation – “Pirate Bay co-founder Peter Sunde is firing back at several major record labels, demanding compensation for damaging his name. Sunde is preparing a lawsuit against the music labels, who were recently awarded damages for his involvement with the notorious pirate site.”

185 Environmental Activists Across 16 Countries Were Killed in 2015 – “The nation with the highest death toll was Brazil, where there were 50 confirmed murders of environmental activists, Global Witness found. In the Philippines, 33 were killed, including 25 indigenous Lumad involved in opposition to mining on their ancestral lands in the Mindanao region”

This Optical Illusion Changes the Way You See Famous Photos – “Want to see something mind-bending? Here’s a simple optical illusion that will literally change the way you see famous photos.”

What the Islamic State Has Won and Lost – “Maps often depict the Islamic State as a sprawling territory across Iraq and Syria. But the group’s control has been shaped by about 126 places — cities, towns, infrastructure and bases — where it has had military dominance.”

[ aquarius records new arrivals list #502.5 ] – “After a combined 40+ years at the shop, aQuarius OverlOrds Andee and Allan have decided it’s getting to be time for us to move on. We’ll be in touch again real soon to let you know about all the whys, wherefores, and what-are-they-gonna-be-doings… For now, we just want to let you know that the shop WILL continue and many exciting changes & improvements are on the way, including a much-expanded vinyl inventory, both new and used!”

You’d Have to be Crazy (part I) – “This is the first in a five-part series about homelessness, mental health, addiction, and family. (The rest are here: Part II, Part III, Part IV and Part V.)”


6 Potentiale von urbanen Nachbarschaften – “Wofür lohnt es sich zu leben? Eigentlich haben wir ja nicht Angst vor dem Tod, sondern davor, nicht wirklich gelebt zu haben. Ich habe einmal gesagt, dass Nachbarschaften Viersternhotels gleichen. Es sind aber nicht Hotels auf Kosten anderer, sondern sie bieten neue Qualitäten, die wir selbst uns schaffen, und so, dass sie für alle möglich sind. Ich würde behaupten: parasitärer Luxus macht nicht wirklich glücklich. Was Nachbarschaften nicht bieten können und sollten, ist ein Sinn. Nachbarschaften haben keinen Sinn, aber sie sind eine gute Grundlage, dass wir alle – und nicht nur ein paar Grossphilosophen – ohne Stress und Zwänge endlich miteinander danach suchen können.”

#Interview: Der Autor Hans Widmer alias PM fordert mehr Städte statt Agglo- und Alpendörfer – “Der Kultautor Hans Widmer alias PM propagiert ein Netz selbstverwalteter Nachbarschaften. Zudem findet er, dass es in der Schweiz keine Urbanität gibt und fordert gleich 50 neue Städte.”

Polizeibericht: M.J. hat Folter- und Kinderpornos verwendet, um Kinder gefügig zu machen – Jetzt weiss ich auch nicht. Eww!

Macho-Kultur: Warum haben linke Männer keine Eier? – “Wir haben die wirkmächtigen Bilder den Leuten überlassen, die mit nacktem Oberkörper durch die Steppe reiten. Können wir bitte mehr linke Machos haben? Ich plädiere für den humanistischen Proll.”

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