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Woher kommt all der Hass im Internet? Und was kann man dagegen tun? Ingrid Brodnig im Interview – “Zoff, Pöbeleien und miese Stimmung sind im Internet weit verbreitet. Warum ist das so? Ingrid Brodning hat den Hass im Netz unter die Lupe genommen, wir haben uns mit ihr über den Hass-Katalysator namens Internet, Facebook-Posts von SVP-Politikern und die letzte Reihe im Schulbus unterhalten.”

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MAGIC RAMADAN 2016 – Der Fliegende Teppich – “Mit einem fliegenden Teppich durch Berlin”

Boris Johnson’s HQ as the EU referendum result comes in. – “#brexit #regrexit #notmyvote #EUreferendum #BorisJohnson #referendum #Leave #EU #voteleave #voteremain” Yes. This had to happen.

Overthrow – Paris 14 juin 2016 – “Pour que cette journée reste dans nos mémoires.”

Share the Safety press conference at Reagan Library (highlights) – “at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library, Simi Valley, CA”


Obama Administration Finally Releases Its Dubious Drone Death Toll – “Organizations such as the Long War Journal, the New America Foundation, and the Bureau of Investigative Journalism estimate that at least 200 and as many as 1,000 civilians have been killed by American drone strikes in nations where the U.S. is not at war since Obama took office.”

Do insects have consciousness? – “That is strong reason to think that insects and other invertebrates are conscious. Their experience of the world is not as rich or as detailed as our experience – our big neocortex adds something to life. But it still feels like something to be a bee.”

Web Semantics: Modern German black-hat hacker handles – “What’s interesting, though, is how entirely businesslike some of these are nowadays. If you call yourself “Extasy8” or “M3THLOV3R” or “MasterCards,” those are basically ads. And why not call yourself an ad for your own services?”

Exclusive: Nigel Farage’s Plan for UK Departure from the EU = You will be surprised by the amount of detail and consideration that went into this plan. Just “Click the red button to get the details”

A Very Blurry Middle Finger to Mugshot Websites – “Cirio scraped images from six websites (he claims to have 15 million photos) and used an algorithm to blur them. Then he created websites with slightly different URLs and did a little search engine optimization so his images appear alongside real mugshots.”

Dub visionary Adrian Sherwood talks about his legendary career in music – “it was more like the ignorant masses that wanted to get out, thinking “Oh, let’s stop immigration,” but there’s no such thing as an indigenous English person. Every last person in this country is of an immigrant extraction. Everybody.” Interview with the dub legend.

Let me google „Podcast“ for you, Google Team. – “The URLs that got removed link to Podcasts about TV-Shows (Better Call Saul). The Removal Request was about the TV-Shows themselves. I’m not sure what details you mean. Do you want me to provide you with information about Podcasts? Podcasts are Audio-Files, in which I and a friend talk about TV-Shows. You do know what a Podcast is, right? Wait, let me google that for you, googleteam. Geddid? Geddid?”

China ‘bans Lady Gaga’ after Dalai Lama meeting – #Tibexit “Communist party’s propaganda department reportedly issues ‘important instruction’ blocking singer’s entire repertoire from mainland”

Meet the Social Media Editor for America’s Prisoners – “She sees herself as a social secretary for people who have been deprived of the forms of communication that are now ubiquitous almost everywhere except for prisons. When her son Phil, 23, is asked what she does for a living, “I say my mom’s a secretary for federal inmates… Basically anything they want us to do, we can do it.” Phil’s specialty is getting the prisoners on dating websites, helping them meet women, and then explaining to those women that their new acquaintance might not be able to grab that drink for a while.”

Tour de France to use thermal imaging to fight mechanical doping – “Want to catch cyclists cheating with hidden motors, neodymium magnets.”

Stoya on James Deen and Fixing the Porn Industry – “She was one-half of porn’s power couple before she accused her ex-boyfriend James Deen of rape. Now she’s trying to fix the industry from the inside.”

Community Radio Journalist and Anarchist killed by Police in Oaxaca – “Salvador Olmo García, a 27-year old vendor, community journalist, activist, defender of lands, vocalist and pioneer of the anarko-punk movement in Huajuapan, was found seriously injured this Sunday morning in the Las Huertas neighborhood of the city.”

Post Ref Racism – “#‎PostRefRacism‬ – Following the vote for Brexit we are already seeing a stark increase in racist harassment and aggression. It seems that the referendum result has validated and vindicated racist views; racist behaviour is now shameless in its expression. This cannot go unchallenged.”

I want my country back @pennyred – “This was never a referendum on the EU. It was a referendum on the modern world, and yesterday the frightened, parochial lizard-brain of Britain voted out, out, out, and today we’ve all woken up still strapped onto this ghost-train as it hurtles off the tracks.”


Herdologie, oder Worum syt dir so truurig? – “Prähistorische Geschlechterdebatten und salopper Rassismus in den Medien: Soll man sich darüber ärgern, gar “Kritik üben”? Nicht immer und nicht nur: Sich an seinen Gegnern abzuarbeiten, macht abhängig, traurig und handlungsunfähig.”

Silvesternacht in Köln: Was geschah wirklich? – “Die Silvesternacht von Köln wurde zur Projektionsfläche in der Flüchtlingsdebatte. Eine Frage blieb unbeantwortet: Was geschah wirklich?”

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