illegal art exhibit

intellectual property, copyright and the politics surrounding these issues are at the center of the illegal arts exhibit, which was recently held in new york and will soon move on to chicago; an exhibit where many examples of video, visuals and audio are featured and very carefully documented, which all have either been banned or their artists been sued for creating them. and since chicago is a bit far for most of us, i have been spending hours of my time on the excellent website, where one can get a very good introduction into the theme and the featured artwork and watch hours of video.

fantastic stuff! a highly relevant theme these days, when many cases of corporate censorship happening left and right are going almost unnoticed.

but what of course completely convinced me as a Dj and musiclover, was the audio section, where one can download 21 tracks of “illegal” music by such artists as the beastie boys, public enemy, negativland and many many more, some of which have never been released before or were banned after their release. so, just download the mp3’s and burn a CD and you ll have a timedocument of music censorship! at the illegal art exhibit events these cd’s are handed out for free!

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