freelance hellraiser mix

who are we to complain? at least there is a music-press in england, right?
but still mixmag is usually the kind of music magazine you wanna avoid at all cost –
its a magazine dedicated 100% to cheesy, ‘avin it, ridiculous idiots partying and doing drugs.
[wait… that tempted you?]
– if it wasn’t for the cd’s that come with it…..
a few years ago they had the great osymyso mix on there, which to this day is one of my favorite mixtapes ever!
and for their newest end-of-year issue they asked roy aka freelance hellraiser = the undisputed bootleg hero, who famously had aguilera singing over the strokes [the ballad of a hellraiser]- so they asked the great roy to do a cut’n’paste mash-up mix of the 50 big tunes of 2003…. and they are all there: seelenluft, goldfrapp, moloko, aguilera, even fc kahuna, dave clarke…

and the result redefines pop-music almost as much as 2 many dj’s legendary “as heard on radio soulwax part 2 mix did…
and now that is a compliment of the highest order…
in other words: a great opportunity to catch up with big tune pop culture, while not missing out on irony and humour while at it.

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