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Pardon Edward Snowden – “Sign the letter and urge President Obama to pardon Edward Snowden before leaving office. – Time is running out.”

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Aldous Huxley on Technodictators – “If you want to preserve your power indefinitely, you have to get the consent of the ruled” – Aldous Huxley

FIREFIGHTER (REMI GAILLARD) – “My new video is on fire.”

What They Took With Them – “Cate Blanchett performs the rhythmic poem ‘What They Took With Them’ alongside fellow actors Keira Knightley, Juliet Stevenson, Peter Capaldi, Stanley Tucci, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Kit Harington, Douglas Booth, Jesse Eisenberg and Neil Gaiman.”

“The Realest Real”, a movie by Carrie Brownstein – “Director Carrie Brownstein to take a look at the invisible digital walls that separate us from our favorite personalities and icons, and the curious conceit of a dream come true.”


Investigation launched into death of Italian woman who killed herself after explicit images went viral – “The 31-year-old has been the subject of cruel parodies since the video emerged last year”

Sitting Down with a Post-9/11 Whistleblower – “You had this obsessive-compulsive desire just to snag the data from wherever you could get it, and the problem was—it’s like you are addicted to data. It becomes a drug, and you can’t get enough of it, because there’s always more. With the extraordinary amount of acceleration, it was continuing this wave.”

Oakland, CA launches ‘See Something, Say Something’ sex work snitch website – “On Saturday, the city of Oakland, California will launch a website where authorities can collect reports of people who patronize sex workers. The snitch site created by city officials is an odd development in a town plagued by sex abuse scandals within its own law enforcement ranks.”

Book review: Drone. Remote Control Warfare – “the condition of a warfare that is so asymmetric it almost becomes unilateral; the psychological suffering of people who live under the constant threat of a drone attack but also the new forms of PTSD developed by drone operators who find it difficult to compartmentalize battlefield and domestic life; the strategies insurgents adopt to fight back (using couriers to communicate, taking advantage of urban topography to make it harder to be tracked, hacking drones); the globalization of the battlefield and the break from international rules that govern war zones and treatment of the people suspected of terrorism; the undermining of local cultural and religious practices; the many civilian casualties and the myth of the ‘surgically precise’ strike; the loosening of the interpretation of what constitutes a terrorist threat; the moral framing of the strikes (or rather the lack thereof); the crashes, lethal errors and other glitches associated with operating drones; the slow chain of command and diffused responsibility behind a drone strike, etc.”

Chelsea ends hunger strike after Army cooperates – “Chelsea Manning ends hunger strike after Army agrees to provide her with gender reassignment surgery – Still faces indefinite solitary confinement for suicide attempt”

xkcd: Earth Temperature Timeline – “A timeline of earth’s average temperature since the last ice age glaciation”

Anthony Weiner Is Not a Sex Addict, Neither Is Anyone Else – “Words have meaning. And in the realm of science, those meanings are not subjective. But words also lead to certain collective social expectations.”

Only a cash-strapped public sector still finds ‘smart’ technology sexy | Evgeny Morozov – “What happens once the tech firms do become the only game in town? Will they be like those drug companies that, having entered into profitable and seemingly eternal deals with the government, can charge the public sector exorbitant prices, simply because there’s not much competition around?”

‘American Anarchist’ Is the Last Interview with the Guy Who Taught Us How to Make Drugs at Home – “The film is not so much a documentary as an interrogation. […] Siskel starts pushing his own agenda, trying to pin Powell as responsible for the acts of violence the book may or may not have enabled, and even asks Powell whether he feels a moral guilt about the incidents.”

Chelsea Manning on hunger strike, demanding treatment for gender dysphoria – “Until I am shown dignity and respect as a human again, I shall endure this pain before me. I am prepared for this mentally and emotionally. I expect that this ordeal will last for a long time. Quite possibly until my permanent incapacitation or death. I am ready for this.”


Good Bye Twitter – “Heute lösche ich meinen Twitteraccount. Ich tue dies, weil weder die Plattform, noch die Polizei Berlin mir aktuell ausreichend Schutz vor Menschen bieten können, die mir dort nachstellen und mich bedrohen.”

Schluss mit dem schmutzigen Treibstoffgeschäft – Petition unterzeichnen

HeK, Basel – Addie Wagenknecht – Liminal Laws – “Die amerikanische Künstlerin untersucht in ihren Werken die kulturellen Verbindungen zwischen Technologie und sozialer Interaktion.”

Und für einmal hält das Schweigen nicht – “Sexuelle Belästigung, Affären mit Untergebenen, sektiererische Methoden: Wie es zum Abgang des Leiters der Unia Zürich kam – und wieso die grösste Gewerkschaft des Landes ein massives Problem mit ihrer Betriebskultur hat.”

Kapitalismus: “Das bedingungslose Grundeinkommen wird uns nicht retten” – “Weil er Wohlstand für alle verspricht, aber nur für wenige bringt. Das ganze System basiert auf Ausbeutung – Ausbeutung von Menschen und von Natur. Kaum etwas im Kapitalismus ist nachhaltig, auch wenn das ein neues Modewort ist. Selbst aus Subkulturen und Kapitalismuskritik entstehen noch neue Produkte.”

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