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Charlie Brooker: ‘Someone threatened to smuggle a rifle through customs and kill me’ – “There is no point. That’s the point. Embrace the lack of a point. If there’s no point then there’s no point giving up. So there.”

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Eclectic Method – Hillary VS Donald REMIX – “Remix of the 3rd un-presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump from with a hip-hop “Hail To The Chief” backing track.”

LASERPOPE – “Laserpope is a small Indie-Project from the clerical abyss of german genre cinema.”

Girl honks at ship – “Vilma tutar, Flicka blir rädd för båt.” Yeah, no idea what that means either.

Melania Speaks Out About the Trump Tapes – Melania defends her husbands honour in an interview with Anderson Cooper, the mashup.

Donald Trump sings Mahna Mahna – “Donald Trump singing the song Mahna Mahna during Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton Second Presidential 2016 Debate.”


Is Disclosure of Podesta’s Emails a Step Too Far? A Conversation With Naomi Klein – “we have to acknowledge how political WikiLeaks and Julian are being here.”

Fear of a Feminist Future – “The alt-right hopes to be saved by the apocalypse”

Troll Trump – “Show Donald that his unhinged rhetoric comes at a cost. Sign up to donate to Hillary’s campaign every time Donald tweets!”

‘Bowl of Skittles’ Photographer Sues Trump for Copyright Infringement – “A UK-based photographer has filed a lawsuit at a federal court in Illinois, accusing Donald Trump, Donald Trump Jr., and Mike Pence of copyright infringement. The dispute centers around the controversial “bowl of skittles” campaign advertisement. The photographer, who happens to be a refugee himself, claims that he hasn’t authorized the Trump campaign to use his work.”

Ecuador Cuts Internet Access for Julian Assange to Preserve Neutrality in U.S. Election – “The government of Ecuador confirmed on Tuesday that it had decided “to temporarily restrict access” to the internet inside its embassy in London, effectively cutting off Julian Assange, the editor of Wikileaks, who has lived there since he was granted political asylum in 2012.”

On the wikileak-ed emails between Tanden and… – “We all deserve privacy. The burdens of public service are insane enough without the perpetual threat that every thought shared with a friend becomes Twitter fodder.”

Adam Curtis – HyperNormalisation – “Our world is strange and often fake and corrupt. But we think it’s normal because we can’t see anything else. HyperNormalisation – the story of how we got here.”

US election 2016: Donald Trump’s sleazy fumble for power is damaging democracy – “This whole election campaign has been like a wet dream that David Lynch might have had after falling asleep watching Fox News.”

Billionaire tech investors back ballot initiative to purge homeless people from San Francisco – “”he city would give residents of tent encampments 24 hours’ notice to relocate to a shelter or accept a bus ticket out of town.”


Transnationaler Nationalismus. Hinter dem Volksbegriff des heutigen Rechtspopulismus lauert die ‚Rasse’. – “Der neue Rechtspopulismus hat kaum etwas mit Nation und Vaterland zu tun. Die Gemeinschaft, die er beschwört, ist einerseits die Familie und das Lokale, und andrerseits etwas Transnationales und zugleich Vorpolitisches. Die alte Rechte nannte es die „Rasse“.”

Forschungsobjekt Shitstorm: Publikation – “Mit quantitativen Erhebungen, Eyetracking-Untersuchungen und Diskursanalysen gehen die Autor/innen im Sammelband „Shitstorms und andere Nettigkeiten. Über die Grenzen der Kommunikation in Social Media“ dem Phänomen Shitstorm auf den Grund.”

Grüner Justizsenator will Shitstorms zur “bandenmäßigen Straftat” machen – “Politiker-Strafanzeige wegen Beleidigung führt zu Hausdurchsuchung”

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