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Die Wahrheit: Die Sorgen der Arschlöcher – “Viel Verständnis für null Substanz plus Rassismus: Lustig wird es nicht, nehmen wir Vollpfosten jetzt und in Zukunft ernst.”

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Rudy with a Flashlight – “This is a hand-drawn music video for the song “Rudy with a Flashlight” by the great guitarist Rainer Ptacek. Concept and animation by Jon Chester,”

Declare Your Love – “What happens when you leave a megaphone on the street with the simple instructions: “Declare Your Love.””

Leonard Cohen on Moonlight – “I don’t feel any compulsion just to stand under the spotlight night after night unless I have something to say”

The Josephus Problem – Numberphile – “featuring Daniel Erman from University of Wisconsin-Madison.”

Garbage Can Takes Out Kid – And you thought you have it bad…


Facebook fake-news writer: ‘I think Donald Trump is in the White House because of me’ – “Honestly, people are definitely dumber. They just keep passing stuff around. Nobody fact-checks anything anymore — I mean, that’s how Trump got elected.”

Obama Refuses to Pardon Edward Snowden. Trump’s New CIA Pick Wants Him Dead. – “President Obama indicated on Friday that he won’t pardon NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden, even as President-elect Donald Trump announced his pick to run the CIA: Kansas congressman Mike Pompeo, who has called for “the traitor Edward Snowden” to be executed.” Come on, man…

Career Racist Jeff Sessions Is Donald Trump’s Pick For Attorney General – “There is no other way to describe Jeff Sessions but as a career racist.” Make America White* Again. (Newsflash, it never was)

An Open Letter to Margaret Atwood – “I will continue to be saddened that you, and a massive chunk of Canada’s CanLit community, threw sexual assault survivors under the bus. I will continue to feel immense anger for all the sexual assault survivors who read your open letter and your Op/Ed and who felt so betrayed by you. I will continue to rage at your misplaced priorities and outright lie that your position is the better one for sexual assault survivors.”

Anselm Kiefer calls for his first exhibition in China to be cancelled – “Throughout my career I have been heavily involved in all my major international exhibitions and it is a matter of deep regret and frustration that the organisers of my first show in China have seen fit to exclude me from this process.”

The end of, the internet’s biggest and best music collection – “After nearly a decade, invite-only music tracker closed today and deleted all its data after a raid by French authorities—a sad end to what was likely the largest, most active private torrent tracker ever.”

Altruistic People Have More Sexual Partners – Scientific American – “We are drawn to those who do good deeds”

Homer Simpson philosophy offered at University of Glasgow – “THE SIMPSONS is to be used to teach students philosophy in a new course at a Scots university.”

‘Post-truth’ named word of the year by Oxford Dictionaries – “US election and EU referendum drive popularity of adjective describing situation ‘in which objective facts are less influential than appeals to emotion’”

What Was the Nerd? – “The myth of the bullied white outcast loner is helping fuel a fascist resurgence”

The legacy of David Mancuso: ‘His dancefloor was a kind of egalitarian utopia’ – “The DJ behind legendary disco club the Loft, who died on Monday, would talk of music as if it had magical powers – and, in his hands, it was almost possible to believe he was right”

Aftermath: Sixteen Writers on Trump’s America – “Colonial power, patriarchal power, capitalist power must always and everywhere be battled, because they never, ever quit. We have to keep fighting, because otherwise there will be no future—all will be consumed. ” Junot Diaz

Bruce Sterling: Notes on the 2016 US Election – “These flimsy modern upheavals go by many names: “springs” or “color revolutions” or “movements.” They are fatally easy to assemble, and so there are too many to count. They almost never develop into organized political parties, and almost never have the aim of promulgating rational programs for legislative action. Most efforts quickly disappear and are promptly forgotten. Now one of them has seized the Presidency of the United States.”

Neoliberalism: the deep story that lies beneath Donald Trump’s triumph | George Monbiot – “How a ruthless network of super-rich ideologues killed choice and destroyed people’s faith in politics”

Blaming political correctness for Trump is like blaming the civil rights movement for Jim Crow | Lindy West – “Political correctness is the backlash. Blaming political correctness for President Trump is like blaming the civil rights movement for Jim Crow, or feminism for rape culture, or Stonewall for anti-gay hate crimes. It’s every battered wife who has been murdered by her husband when she tries to leave.”

Irish senator rips his government for cozying up to Trump: ‘America has just elected a fascist’ – “I don’t use the term fascist lightly. What else would you call someone who threatens to imprison his political opponents. What else would you call somebody who threatens to not allow people of a certain political faith into their country. What would you say, or what would you call somebody who was threatening to deport 10 million people.”

Kumail Nanjiani and Thomas Middleditch confronted by Trump fans – “Silicon Valley actors tweeted story of how two Trump supporters accosted them and accused them of being ‘cucks’ at a bar in Silver Lake neighborhood of LA”


Lasst uns dem Einhorn den Gnadenschuss geben – “Nun sind wir nicht mehr die oberkitschigen Antihelden, die Nerds, die superironischen Trendverächter—wir werden die sein, die immer noch nicht gecheckt haben, dass Einhörner einfach nicht mehr angesagt sind. Hängengebliebene, die auf traurige Weise nicht mit der Vergangenheit abschließen können.”

US-Wahl: Wo aber Gefahr ist, wächst das Rettende auch – “Donald Trumps Wahlsieg bringt eine große Gefahr mit sich. Aber die Linke lässt sich nur durch eine solche drohende Katastrophe mobilisieren.” Auch Slavoj schwurbelt.

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