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An unaired interview on Trump, authoritarianism and kleptocracy | Sarah Kendzior – “Democracy is not just a matter of trust but of power. It is difficult to control what power you have in an authoritarian kleptocracy run on brutal force – which to be blunt, appears to be where we’re headed – but you can form networks of trust, and you can still seek the truth.”

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THE WORLD OF TOMORROW (A Tribute) – “A Tribute to the Post-Apocalyptic Cinema.”

LOCKED IN A CAGE FOR 87 HOURS (REMI GAILLARD) – “Locked in a cage, like a dog, for 87 hours, Rémi Gaillard raises €200.000 for the animal shelter and gets 200 animals adopted.”

Sid The Science Kid Remix – There are several versions of this mashup.


Stop worrying about fake news. What comes next will be much worse | Jonathan Albright – “What’s scary about fake news is how it is becoming a catch-all phrase for anything people happen to disagree with. In this regard, fake news is sort of the stepbrother of “post-fact” and “post-truth”  –  though not directly related, they’re all part of the same dysfunctional family.”

Russia hacked U.S. presidential election for Trump, says CIA – “And yet, instead of reporting on any of the infowars, American media mostly reported on the contents of the leaks themselves. Just like Russia wanted.”

The revolt against Modernity – “Modernity killed God. Its revolutions have eaten its own children. Its youngest, unwanted child – postmodernity – has tried to liquefy, remix and reassemble the ingredients of modernism in an effort to show that nothing is real, save for the act of remixing itself.”

Pope Francis: Fake news is like getting sexually aroused by faeces – “It isn’t the first time that the Pope has discussed sexual interest in excrement. In March 2013, he warned that journalists risked becoming ill from their coprophilia, and that they could be “fomenting coprophagia” in their readers.”

‘Aleister & Adolf’: Douglas Rushkoff on his new graphic novel, Crowley and magical warfare – “There’s a real crossover between the alt-right and the occult. I knew a guy writing a book about it, in fact. And remember, it was one of Bush’s advisors who once explained that the future is something you create. And there’s an any-means-necessary quality to libertarianism that is consonant with chaos magic. ~ Plus, you’re talking about homespun propagandists inhabiting the comments sections of blogs and things. They’re not reading Bernays and Lippman. They’re waging hand-to-hand battle in the ideological trenches. A bit of NLP, rhetoric, and magic are what you turn to. ~ The interesting thing here is why the left does not use these techniques. It goes against our sense of what is fair. We know we’re “right” and so we want to win with the fact. Sigil magic feels like cheating on some level. So we have to ask ourselves, isn’t the full expression of our Will something we want to unleash? If not, why not?”

Why Ghosts in the Machine Should Remain Ghosts – “When we deploy terrible AI bots, we will subject many in our population to crude profiling and suspicion, leading to the silencing and victimization, while others might pick up on them, manipulate them, and rightly complain about them. Using such AITP bots to find terrorists would be the Tay-bot controversy times a thousand. At best, it would be useless and an embarrassment. At worst, it could do serious harm.”

Last Tango scandal shows toxic extent of male power in the film industry – “Marlon Brando and Bernardo Bertolucci’s prioritisation of cinema over human feelings is the tip of the iceberg in industry that has seen abuse go unchallenged for decades”

Milo is Not Welcome in Appalachia: A Report Back from WVU – “A group of masked communists, carrying tongue-in-cheek signs entered the building at approximately 7:30. We chanted “No Milo, no KKK, no fascist USA!” and “Nazi nazi nazi, out out out!” as the assembled fascists, rent-a-cops, redditors, and others attempted to drown us out with awkward insults. ”

A Dose of a Hallucinogen From a ‘Magic Mushroom,’ and Then Lasting Peace – It works, but needs a certain setting: “People will take psilocybin at a rave or at Burning Man” — the art and performance desert festival — “but the effect,” he said, “evaporates like water running through their hands.”

Fire at California artists’ collective claims 33 lives – “At least 33 people were killed in a fire that destroyed a warehouse that housed an artists’ collective in Oakland, California. The fire, one of the deadliest in the US in a decade, broke out during an electronic dance party late on Friday night, and quickly spread to engulf the entire building.”

Confused by momentous times? Me too. Let’s talk | Armando Iannucci – “That distinction is pointless. We’re now post-mind. Post-language too: words don’t mean anything, they’re just ploys in political sparring.”

Data populists must seize our information – for the benefit of us all | Evgeny Morozov – “Five US tech giants have harvested our data. This treasure must be shared among the people who provide it ”


Der Fall Jacob Appelbaum: Über Gerechtigkeit – “Jacob Appelbaum ist ein Star der Hackerszene. Dann beginnt eine beispiellose Netzkampagne. Kann das Recht sein?”

Im Ring geht es nicht darum zu überzeugen, sondern darum zu begeistern. – Remo Grolimund @grawzone “Die heutigen Rechten sind nicht Boxer, sondern Wrestler. Wie ein über sechzig Jahre alter Aufsatz des französischen Philosophen Roland Barthes helfen kann, das aktuelle Intellektuellen-Bashing zu kontern.”

Soundcloud Go: Ein Interview mit Eric Wahlforss – “Wie bringt man den Wahn an Lizenzen, Verträgen und Monetarisierungs-Zwängen, der hinter Streaming steckt, mit dem gewohnten Treiben derjenigen unter einen Hut, die einfach nur ihre Musik, ihre Sets, ihre Mixe hochladen wollen?”

“Paris Rebelle – Zwischen Rechtsruck und Revolte” – “Die Dreharbeiten für „Paris Rebelle“ wurden im Juni 2016 durchgeführt und abgeschlossen. Der Film beleuchtet verschiedene miteinander im Zusammenhang stehende Themenkomplexe aus linksradikaler Perspektive, erhebt dabei aber keinen Anspruch auf absolute Vollständigkeit.”

Verschwörungstheorien: “Nichts ist, wie es scheint” – “Der Glaube an Verschwörungstheorien wächst und gewinnt auch politisch an Einfluss”.

Die Big Data Bombe

Auf die Bombe folgten die Explosionen – “Unsere Recherche zu Big Data gab viel zu reden und zu kritisieren. Beides zu Recht.” Die Autoren beziehen eine Woche danach Stellung.

Alles für eine gute Story – “Das «Magazin» will eine Debatte über Politmarketing in der nahen Zukunft lancieren und hinterlässt ein mieses Gefühl.” Beispielhaft eine sehr gute Kritik von Carles Hanimann.

Ich habe nur gezeigt, dass es die Bombe gibt – “Der Psychologe Michal Kosinski hat eine Methode entwickelt, um Menschen anhand ihres Verhaltens auf Facebook minutiös zu analysieren. Und verhalf so Donald Trump mit zum Sieg.” Der vielzitierte Artikel.

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