knowledge will set you free…

well, i don’t know. sometimes it’s good to have the knowledge about something, sometimes it’s not. currently, trained in social science, i watch myself as i go through what is known as the spiral of unemployment, as well as just plain going through it and suffering from it. so i notice the stages described in the theory: enthusiasm, reassessment, boredom, guilt, depression, but observing this does not help to stop it from occuring.
in other words: to know what’s going on often does not prevent it from happening.
more and more playstation and videowatching, less and less working on my “projects”, as the spiral goes down…
or: is it just the other way around?
am i using the theory as an excuse to let it happen?
yet: the bubble has burst. the illusion of full-time employment for everybody has been tragically exposed as no longer realistic. there simply is not enough work for everybody. we have to move into a new paradigm concerning employment, but most importantly concerning workethics. people will have to find ways to work on their own, to invent work for themselves, to move into the leisure society. but even more important: people will have to find ways to deal with the emotional rollercoaster ride that goes along being unemployed. stop the guilt. enjoy the freedom. learn the skills.
it is my goal to be selfemployed in the long run.
time to find back the necessary self-discipline…

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