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Meltdown of the Phantom Snowflakes | Laurie Penny – “I’ve got no time for that sort of strength. Not now, not ever. Give me courage instead, the courage to remain permeable, to remain open, the potential for empathy and learning. Make me brave—I don’t care about strong” Fantastic text.

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The Flaming Lips – We A Famly (Official Lyric Video) – “Official Lyric Video for “We A Famly” from the Flaming Lips featuring Miley Cyrus.”

Keegan-Michael Key – A Farewell Address from President Obama’s Anger Translator-The Daily Show with Trevor Noah – “Keegan-Michael Key makes his final appearance as Luther, President Obama’s anger translator, in a farewell address alongside his Key & Peele co-star Jordan Peele.”

Don’t say that word! – Toddler says Fuck in the most charming way.

Life as a City Fox 360° – Planet Earth II – Behind The Scenes – “Through the eyes of an urban fox, can you find food, spot the hazards, and track down a mate in a bustling city at night?”

Inside London’s Hedonistic, Polyamorous Unicorn Movement – “When a charismatic former alcoholic named Shaft had his life changed by Burning Man, he realized that he actually identifies as a unicorn. No longer able to face the monotony of work and life in the real world, he decided to form a polyamorous and hedonistic movement with other like-minded unicorns.”

Eine kleine Geschichte der Parlamentsschlägerei [33c3] – “Schlagende Argumente, fliegende Fäuste”

One Of The Funniest Comedy Sketches Of All Time – “an old sketch show by an Irish comedian named Dave Allen, the sketch was aired in the 70`s or 80`s on the BBC”


Media, Technology, Politics – “Although many people are anxious to understand how much influence old and new media had over the US presidential election, the reality is that we will never know comprehensively. We can, though, seek to understand how different cultural and technical factors are shaping the contemporary information landscape. To document some of our thinking, we are releasing six pieces that look at different issues that we think are important for trying to make sense of the relationship between technology and current political dynamics in the US.”

seebotschat – “C:\> -modifier [Estragon] “girl” | “pirate” [Vladimir] “boy” | “ninja””

Unauthorized images: when absurd gag laws call for absurd (but witty) artworks – “a project by artist Daniel Mayrit which comments on a “gag law” that was approved in Spain back in 2015. I didn’t know anything about the law but it is seriously restricting Spaniards’ rights of freedom of assembly and right to information.”

Erika Lust: The Director on a Mission to Get More Women Into Porn – “Here we are, in a time when feminism and gender issues are in the media more than ever, the conversation around female sexuality is happening all the time, and still, mainstream production companies keep creating the same boring stuff and are managed by the same kind of narrow-minded men. We need another perspective; we definitely need the female gaze.” Erika Lust

On Progress and Historical Change – “Is progress inevitable? Is it natural? Is it fragile? Is it possible? Is it a problematic concept in the first place?”

2017: WTF Is Going On? – “After speculation and denial we get a confirmation (or do we?). This story seems to be progressing by the hour at the moment.”

All that glitters is not green: Costa Rica’s renewables conceal dependence on oil – “The country uses a mix of hydro, wind and geothermal to power the homes of its 4.9 million people, but because of its gasoline-dependent transportation sector, renewables make up less than a quarter of the nation’s total energy use.”

Facebook Live torture video nets arrest of four teens – “Four teens were being held Thursday in Chicago in connection with a Facebook Live stream that showed them beating and cutting the scalp of an 18-year-old man with cognitive disabilities police said.”

Radiohead Were Surprised People Freaked Out When They Erased Their Online Presence – “Quite a simple solution: just stop everything for a bit. I thought the reaction was weird: “Radiohead erases itself from the internet.” What a strange thing to say, cause you can’t.”

Anti-surveillance clothing aims to hide wearers from facial recognition – “Hyperface project involves printing patterns on to clothing or textiles that computers interpret as a face, in fightback against intrusive technology”

Meditation is Replacing Detention in Baltimore’s Public Schools, and the Students Are Thriving – “The Robert W. Coleman Elementary School adopted a twice-a-day yoga and mindfulness practice during school hours for all students, called “Mindful Moments””

Planet Earth II ‘a disaster for world’s wildlife’ says rival nature producer – “These programmes are still made as if this worldwide mass extinction is simply not happening,” he said. “The producers continue to go to the rapidly shrinking parks and reserves to make their films – creating a beautiful, beguiling, fantasy world, a utopia where tigers still roam free and untroubled, where the natural world exists as if man had never been.”

and that was 2016 | DJ Food – ““2016 (‘the year that just keeps on taking’ was how someone later referred to it) was a shit year that I will want to forget“. I wrote that in April”


Why misogyny won – “Benevolent sexism is the carrot, Glick explained, and hostile sexism is the stick. If you’re a “good” woman who meets expected gender norms — who has warm feminine charms, who maintains strict beauty standards, whose ambitions are focused on home and hearth — you will be rewarded with affection, protection, and praise. But step outside those norms, and you risk being labeled as one of the “bad” girls who are abused and scorned only because they deserve it.”


Psychedelischer Feminismus bekämpft das Patriarchat mit Ayahuasca – “Organisationen wie Cosmic Sister unterstützen Frauen dabei, sich im Amazonasgebiet mithilfe psychedelischer Drogentrips selbst zu finden.”

Reality Show 2017. Trump, Putin und der Kalte Krieg – “Die bevorstehende Vereidigung von Donald Trump zum amerikanischen Präsidenten erinnert nicht nur an den Aufstieg des Faschismus im frühen 20. Jahrhundert, sondern auch an den Kalten Krieg. Nur etwas anders als damals.”

Laurie Penny schreibt politisch und persönlich – Kulturplatz – TV – Play SRF – Swiss TV attackiert Penny mit einer Barbie Puppe.

Wofür die Souveränisten aller Länder sich vereinigen – “Der hyperempfindliche Narzissmus von Führern im Habitus der Gedemütigten wird den Fehler nie bei sich suchen, wenn etwas schiefgeht, sondern bei missgünstigen Mächten im Inneren oder aussen. Die eingeübte Rücksichtslosigkeit und Gewaltbereitschaft wird sich schon bald gegen die souveränistischen Alliierten von heute wenden.”

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