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Mad King Donald’s Executive Disorder – “The problem, however, is not that Donald Trump is mentally ill. The problem is that he is unstable, vengeful, sexually predatory, misogynistic, racist, unscrupulous, notionally in charge of the world’s most powerful country and, possibly and incidentally, mentally ill.”

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BREATH tempo di ricarica – Beautiful video for an ecological project in southern Italy in collaboration and featuring art work by Escif.

We Need Communism – “Don`t wine because you should share money you have too much of.”

Hearing Madge – “Pressing the ashes of the dead onto records: odd novelty or tender remembrance?”

Trump vs. Truth: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver – “Donald Trump spreads a lot of false information thanks to his daily consumption of morning cable news. If only we could sneak some facts into the president’s media diet.” The pathological liar in chief.

VISIONAIRE PRESENTS TOILETPAPER’S PARADIS – Maurizio Cattelan & Pierpaolo Ferrari – Toiletpaper

Donald Trump’s Tweets As An Early 2000s Emo Song – “We noticed that Trump’s tweets are basically the lyrics to an early 2000s emo song, so we turned them into one.”


Kellyanne Conway’s interview tricks, explained – “Conway has a supernatural ability to derail tough interviews about Trump. How does she do it?” You been conwayed? Watch how she does it.

PewDiePie thinks ‘Death to all Jews’ is a joke. Are you laughing yet? – “Racist memes serve as in-jokes that help solidify bonds between alienated white men online. The style of these memes, their overblown exaggerated nature, means we often don’t take them seriously. Dismiss them as jokes. But this is how antisemitism creeps into our lives. Not with a bang but with a punchline.”

Trump Made a Media Survey That’s More Rant Than Science – “Academics, at least, see one good use for the survey: as a cautionary tale.”

‘A time for guerrilla DIY’: how the Mexico-US border became a hub for protest art – “Donald Trump’s executive order to build a border wall has caused frustration and anger, but it’s also shining a light on an urgent and focused set of artists”

Ex-Neo Nazis Explain What’s Driving the Alt-Right – “The alt-right does not exist. It’s nothing more than white supremacists who have repackaged the hate and served it up in a more palatable form for human consumption.”

Make Trump Tweets Eight Again!! – Chrom browser extension by The Daily Show with Trevor Noah.

American Anarchists Join YPG in Syria Fighting ISIS, Islamic State – “On the front lines of Syria with the young American radicals fighting ISIS”

CrimethInc. : Take the Offensive : Moving from Protest to Resistance – “It’s time to strategize. Is it more realistic to set out to overturn the Muslim ban, halt further construction of the border wall, help our friends and loved ones evade ICE roundups, stop the DAPL and Keystone XL, protect our drinking water, slow down global warming, tame the financial sector and stop the police from killing people and defend abortion access—or to take down the government itself? Should we fight a thousand defensive battles—or a single offensive one?”

Where New Slang Comes From – “Emerging slang, identified by searches for words’ definitions”

Hate Group Trackers Say They’re ‘Struggling’ to Keep Up with the Alt-Right – “the number of hate groups in the US has little to do with the breadth or depth of the hatred brewing in the US.”

Modernity has been a disaster for the Western Mind – “Modernity and its ideological basis (individualism, liberal democracy, capitalism, consumerism, and so on) are the cause of the future catastrophe of humanity, and the global domination of the Western lifestyle is the reason for the final degradation of the Earth. The West is approaching its terminus, and we should not let it drag the rest of us down into the abyss with it.” This is where Putin gets his inspiration.

Antifa Worldwide: A Brief History of International Antifascism – “This is the story of the revolutionaries, renegades, and warriors who broke with the powerful movement toward totalitarianism and continue to struggle as partisans for freedom and equality.”

An Eminent Psychiatrist Demurs on Trump’s Mental State – “Mr. Trump causes severe distress rather than experiencing it and has been richly rewarded, rather than punished, for his grandiosity, self-absorption and lack of empathy. It is a stigmatizing insult to the mentally ill (who are mostly well behaved and well meaning) to be lumped with Mr. Trump (who is neither).”

What is the NRx (Neoreaction) Movement? – “White House chief strategist Steve Bannon is reportedly a reader of neoreactionary political theory. A tour through the pro-authoritarian philosophy gaining visibility on the right.”

after spending the weekend talking to friends who work in dc i can safely(well, ‘accurately’…) post the following – “these are truly baffling and horrifying times, as we have an incompetent president who is essentially owned by a foreign power. -moby”

Ban @realDonaldTrump from Twitter – “@realDonaldTrump should be banned from Twitter. He is constantly breaking the rules and infringing the platform’s general policies. #DoItJack”

As Tensions Rise, Steve Bannon and ISIS Get Closer to Their Common Goal: Civilizational War – “There are striking parallels between Bannon’s worldview and the perspective of terrorist groups like the Islamic State, which see the world divided in similarly binary terms — hence their reported enthusiasm for the executive order that Bannon helped author.”

Snowden claims report Russia may ‘gift’ him to Trump proves he is not a spy – “The whistleblower took to Twitter to say that the NBC report vindicates him of spying charges because ‘no country trades away spies’”

Meet the Muslim woman who’s become the face of anti-Trump resistance – “I’ve always felt that need to speak out because I’m a human being.”


We can’t keep quiet – Switzerland – My pussyhat is ready!

Ein Hacker erklärt, was der deutsche NSA-Untersuchungsausschuss über die Schweiz sagt – “Bundesminister Peter Altmaier deutet darauf hin, dass der deutsche Geheimdienst mit dem Schweizer NDB gemeinsame Sache macht. Auch wenn das der NDB nicht bestätigt.”

Medienjagd gegen die Veganerin aus Limburg – Dabei war es ein Scherz – “Sie erhält Morddrohungen, einige Jagdverbände sollen es auf sie abgesehen haben. Wahlweise will man sie „totschießen“ oder bestenfalls in eine Psychiatrie stecken.”

Die Zukunft der #Arbeit muss neu gedacht werden – Geschichte der Gegenwart – “Das lebenslange ‚Normalarbeitsverhältnis‘, von dessen Erosion gegenwärtig so viel die Rede ist, ist historisch und global gesehen eine Ausnahmeerscheinung. Für die Zukunft müssen wir dieses Modell überschreiten und anders über Arbeit nachdenken.”

“Neue Eskalationsstufe”: Attacken von Rechtsextremen auf Theater nehmen dramatische Ausmaße an – “Quer durch die Republik attackieren rechte Aktivisten mit Hass und Gewalt Theater und andere Kultureinrichtungen. Sie bedrohen Künstler, attackieren Schauspieler und üben Druck auf Theater aus. Der Hass auf die Künstler ist aktuell so groß wie noch nie in der jüngeren deutschen Geschichte”

Sticker gegen Rechts – “Aufpassen! „Sticker gegen Rechts“ ist zurück! 🙂 Die 7. Ausgabe des Wettbewerbs steht in den Startlöchern und es ist uns eine Herzensangelegenheit, gemeinsam mit euch den Contest wieder ins Leben zu rufen.”

Von Thug Life zu Tauhīd und Terror – wie sich Lorenz K. radikalisierte – “Früher wollte er ein Gangsta sein wie 2Pac, später kämpfen und töten wie die “Helden des IS”. Was lief schief bei dem 17-jährigen Terrorverdächtigen?”

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