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Artificial intelligence is ripe for abuse, tech executive warns: ‘a fascist’s dream’ – “This is a fascist’s dream,” she said. “Power without accountability.””

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TOMORROW CALLING – “Bill, a photographer, is trapped in an alternative now as imagined in the past, in this adaptation of William Gibson’s short story, The Gernsback Continuum.”

What happens when you leave a tetherball in the forest – “The Angry Ram can’t resist a good ramming session.”

Amtrak Snow-mo Collision – “Train moving faster than usual plus fresh snow from Stella resulted in a more spectacular arrival than expected.”


This FBI Snitch Loved Selling Out Her Communist Friends – “The new book ‘Undercover Girl’ tells the lost story of photographer-turned-fink Angela Calomiris, who hoped for fame, money, and prestige, and got none of it.”

Welcome To The Anti-Racism Movement — Here’s What You’ve Missed – “A handy list of things that you’re going to need to catch up on. Buck up, because it won’t be easy.”

Need a Pothole Fixed? Maybe a Portland Anarchist Can Help! – “Not all heroes wear capes, some wear face masks. A new Facebook page has appeared touting the handiwork of Portland Anarchist Road Care, an organization who claims to be taking “the state of the roads of PDX into the hands of the people.”

JOLITA VAITKUTE – Untranslatable Words – ““Untranslatable Words” is a project illustrating words of several languages which are impossible to translate.”


Florian Cramer on the Alt Right 2016-11-28 (academic lecture mirror) – “Florian Cramer is a research professor in New Media at Hogeschool Rotterdam”


Linkliste zur Alt-Right – Kommentierte Linkliste von @mspro. Daraus u.a. gelesen:

Donald Trump: USA Noir – “Donald Trump will mit seinem Kampf gegen die Medien das Misstrauen kultivieren. In einer Gesellschaft, in der keiner mehr dem anderen glaubt, zählt einzig die beste Show.”

Wenn Worte nichts mehr bedeuten, ist der letzte Schritt Gewalt – “Die diktatorische alternative Wahrheit beansprucht ihre Wahrhaftigkeit durch die Macht des Herrschenden. Man könnte sie deswegen die “diktierte Wahrheit” nennen.”

Trump, Le Pen und Co.: Populismus ist Lüge | Boris Schumatsky
“Der populistische Mythos, wonach der notorisch korrupten «Elite» das ewig unverbrauchte «Volk» gegenübersteht, treibt vielerorts sein Unwesen. Dabei funktioniert er inhaltlich desto besser, je weniger er für etwas Reales steht.”

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