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Marine Le Pen Is What Happens When You Try to Meet Racism in the Middle – “Every step you make in the direction of a racist agenda does not ‘neutralize’ racists but emboldens them.”

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Kids Describe God to an Illustrator – Of course the atheist came up with the best one.

How Nature Documentaries Are Fake – “Everyone loves BBC’s Planet Earth, but how much of it is real?”

World’s smallest cup of coffee – “Paulig asked me to make a cup of coffee out of one bean.”

Cybersecurity for the People: How to Protect Your Privacy at a Protest – “Watch this video for tips on how to prepare your phone before you go to a protest, how to safely communicate with your friends and document the event, and what to do if you get detained or arrested.”

Why Conspiracy Theories Are So Appealing – “Put on your tin-foil hat, cover your webcam with a piece of tape, and wait for the imminent arrival of the lizard people because it’s time for some conspiracy theories.”

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An interview with Cory Doctorow on beating death, post-scarcity, and everything – “Ars’ IT editor talks with Walkaway author about how close we are to a tech ending want.”

The Kekulé Problem – Cormac McCarthy on the Origin of Language – “Where did language come from? ”

Mark Ames: Credit Suisse Decries Russian Inequality After Playing Leading Role in Creating It – “Funny to see Credit Suisse wringing its hands over Russian inequality, given that bank’s active complicity in designing and profiting off the privatization of Russia in the early-mid 1990s. Shortly before Credit Suisse arrived in Russia, it was the most equal country on the planet; a few years after Credit Suisse arrived and pocketed up to hundreds of millions in profits, Russia was the most unequal country on earth, and it’s pretty much been that way since.”

The stain of anti-Semitism at the White House isn’t going away – “Despite hiding behind his Jewish daughter and son-in-law, Trump is an asset to anti-Semitic movements and ideology”

America’s Opioid Epidemic Is Destroying the Rainforest – “Narco-deforestation has been a long recognized phenomenon, but a growing heroin market is adding extra strain. ” You mean besides the addiction to hamburgers and ground beef, right?

White Collar Crime Risk Zones – “White Collar Crime Risk Zones uses machine learning to predict where financial crimes are mostly likely to occur across the US.”

True Cost Global Marketplace – “Every product on the world market is incorrectly priced. We do not properly account for climate warming, or pollution, or biodiversity loss, or overfishing, or deforestation, or toxification—the list goes on. Day after day, every purchase drives us inexorably towards climate catastrophe and the disintegration of the living world.”

Interview de Julien Coupat et Mathieu Burnel parue dans Le Monde – “Nous n’avons aucune raison de subir un rituel devenu si évidemment nocif. Nous sommes lassés de comprendre pourquoi tout va mal.”

A Guide To The Climate Change Deniers In Congress – You will not believe how many there are. We are doomed!

The OK sign is becoming an alt-right symbol – “All this speculation over the gesture may start to sound like conspiracy theorists looking for signs of the Illuminati, but the fear of associating oneself inadvertently with a hate symbol is real. Once a symbol has been appropriated by a hate group or even just a polarizing political collective, that association can be very difficult to shake.” Edit: In case this was not clear, this is most likely a hoax.

Jimmy Wales goes after fake news with Wikitribune – “Wales said he wants Wikitribune to ‘bring the fact-based, fact-checking mentality we know from Wikipedia to news'”

Steve Bannon and the occult: The right wing’s long, strange love affair with New Age mysticism – “If you think New Age alternative spirituality is solely the domain of lefty hippies, you don’t know your history”

The coming British bloodbath: Theresa May’s “snap election” will be an epic disaster for the left. But why? – “The answer is that Britain doesn’t do crypto-dictatorship with as much braggadocio as other nations I might mention, but we do it all the same. The answer is that British democracy is broken, and the pieces are on fire, and the people picking them up, the people trying to reassemble a fractured future for themselves in the shoddy rubble of this fucked-up country, will never work in Westminster.”


Quick guide to asking Cambridge Analytica for your data – “Cambridge Analytica has finally responded (past deadline, after some threatening emails) to requests by individuals all over Europe and the United States for a copy of their data. I give here some advice on how to go further, and offer a template for responding at the bottom.”


Wie die Welt auf den nächsten Crash zusteuert – “Zehn Jahre nach Beginn der grossen Finanzkrise hat die herrschende Politik weltweit die Ursachen für die damalige Krise nochmals verschärft. Während dies rechten Nationalisten wie US-Präsident Donald Trump zum Aufstieg verhilft, bahnt sich im Hintergrund der nächste Crash an.”

Die taz und die Neuen Rechten: Die Lügenpresse, das sind wir – “Gegen die Elite aus Mainstreammedien und Politik, die die Wahrheit verschweigt, wurde 1979 die taz gegründet. Heute reden Rechte so. Was bedeutet das?”

«Die Antifa ist unverzichtbar» – “Katharina König erlebte im Jena der neunziger Jahre, wie Neonazis Jagd auf sie und ihre FreundInnen machten. Heute sitzt sie für die Partei Die Linke im Thüringer Landtag und kämpft im Parlament gegen die rechte Szene.” Forgot to post this last week. Great interview.

Nazibraut goes Instagram : Was hinter der Nazi-Romantik von Fräulein Hess steckt – “Plumpe Hakenkreuz-Symbolik war gestern – rechtsextreme Ideologien verbreiten sich heute implizit im Netz: durch junge, rechte Frauen. Sie inszenieren sich selbst mit Natur-, Food- und sexy-Braut-von-nebenan-Ästhetik auf Instagram, Tumblr oder YouTube. Eine rechte Emanzipationsbewegung? ”

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