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Versuch einer Meme-Definition – “Der ausgehende Gedanke dieser Definition war übrigens, dass die Linke deshalb im Netz nicht richtig verfängt, weil sie Komplexität und Präzision bevorzugt und beides kann laut dieser Definition nicht (oder nur selten) viral gehen: Präzision erfordert, dass ihr Objekt nicht in „bizarre proportions“ dargestellt wird und „basic content […] if any at all“ kann nicht komplex sein – Präzision und Komplexität erfordern das genaue Gegenteil: „gets displayed exactly as is“ und „transports all relevant content“.”

ok two:

Our Lady of Complicity – “The first daughter fails the Turing test with her self-help book – Ivanka Trump has written a book about female empowerment, and it is about as feminist as a swastika-shaped bikini wax.”

#watch and

What Is Narcissism? – “Narcissism is the word we routinely use to describe someone self-satisfied and arrogant. But what do we really mean by the word – and are we applying it correctly?”

history of the entire world, i guess – i guess (check your bias, but otherwise funny)


The Dakota Access Pipeline Is Already Leaking – “And the Standing Rock Sioux are worried.”

Theresa May recites Labour’s lines, but doesn’t mean a word of them – David Graeber – “It’s obvious the Tories have stolen Ukip’s platform – but the prime minister has also adopted Labour initiatives and slogans. She’s playing a clever game ”

Redditors on r/Anarchism Are Angry That They Have to Follow the Rules – “The r/Anarchism mod team disputes Reddit’s content policy after mods get removed for approving banned content.”

The Memes! They’re Everywhere! – “Deplorable frogs and “nasty women” aren’t just online for comic relief. They’re central to how people engage with political issues.”

The Catastrophe That, In Some Respects, Has Already Arrived – “democracy as we know it today seems to be a deeply flawed – or, at least, grossly incomplete – mode of political organization and practice, unable to deal with the defining challenges of our times. For those people who are uncomfortably aware that limitless growth is a recipe for ecological (and thus humanitarian) disaster, the idea of trusting our growth-oriented ‘representatives’ to lead the way to a just and sustainable economy seems a delusion too large to swallow.”



Pour la suite du monde – “Septième et dernier chapitre de Maintenant, Comité invisible, La Fabrique éditions, 21 avril 2017.”

John Oliver tackles net neutrality again, crashes FCC comments site—again – “Oliver helps lead protest against dismantling of Title II net neutrality rules.”

Pour la suite du monde – comité invisible – “Pour fêter notre nouveau président, le comité invisible a eu la gentillesse de nous laisser publier l’un des chapitres de leur dernier ouvrage Maintenant.”

En Marche (#VersLaChute) – “Nous ne sommes pas en marche
Nous ne marcherons plus jamais
Nous ne resterons plus jamais

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