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Renegaten, Verräter, Konvertiten, Überläufer oder Überzeugungstäter – “Das Programm der Konvertiten besteht aus einer extremen Form der Komplexitätsreduzierung. Im Wesentlichen sagen sie alle dasselbe. Das, was ihre Väter und Großväter sagten, als sie Adolf Hitler und dem deutschen Reich die Treue schworen. Sie sind die ausgesprochen traurigen Bilder einer fundamental gescheiterten Befreiungsgeschichte. Aber sie sind auch, das ist die frohe Botschaft, notwendiger Bestandteil einer Selbsvergewisserungsgeschichte der Linken. Wir haben sie nicht verloren, die Konvertiten, wir sind besser dran ohne sie.”


1000 GESTALTEN / G 20 Hamburg Summit from 1000 GESTALTEN

Kangaroo joey takes first hops – Bouncy.

Baby Elephant Can’t Stand Whilst Learning To Walk – “The video has been shot moments after the mother gave birth to its baby, who is determined to start walking immediately.”

listen and


An Open Letter to Liberals & Progressives from the Black Bloc – “Across the world, anarchists, autonomists, and anti-authoritarians are organizing, fighting, and building alternatives. From free grocery programs to free clinics, from workplace organizing on the outside, to organized groups of prisoners on the inside, from blockades of pipelines to building alternative media centers. We know that we cannot separate fighting against domination and exploitation without the project of building a different world at the same time. In the face of everything that the dominant system and the far-Right is throwing at us, we urge you: join us.”

A snowflake on the Fourth of July: Hillary-loving libtard wrestler brings the fight to Trump country – ““Does your husband know you’re here?” snarled a boy of perhaps ten years of age at a wrestling event in Martin, Kentucky, just a couple of days ago on the most patriotic day of the year, the Fourth of July. This provocative query was followed by a chorus of enraged Kentuckians chanting “Snowflake!” and (yes, really) “Lock him up!!””

The Same Twitter Bots That Helped Trump Tried to Sink Macron, Researcher Says – “Emilio Ferrara analyzed pro-Trump bots during the 2016 election and found a link to anti-Macron bots in 2017.”

Police Raid on the G20 Camp: A Tale of Violence and Betrayal – “What the Raid Shows about the Police States to Come”

Don’t call it the Trump administration. Call it a regime – “But Trump does not want a governing apparatus in place. He wants a regime. As America celebrates its independence, we have to ask is that what we want.”

Take back the power – “Love, in a political sense, is not a feeling or a sentiment: it is an action. It is ruthless and unrelenting. It is the discipline of showing up for one another and for the collective good, time and time again.”

Georgia O’Keeffe, health food devotee: the pioneer of modernism’s favourite recipes – “The American artist lived until she was 98 – and a new book of her favourite recipes might give some clues as to how”

To tackle Google’s power, regulators have to go after its ownership of data – “The problem with regulating technology companies is that, faced with tough new rules, they can eventually innovate their way out, often by switching to newer, unregulated technologies.”

Wikipedia: The Text Adventure – “Choose a starting location:”


The gender wars of household chores: a feminist comic – “The French comic artist Emma illustrates the concept of the ‘mental load’.”


G20, Weltregierung oder Papiertiger? – “Wo müsste sich die Linke in dieser Situation positionieren? Sie sollte sich auf jeden Fall davor hüten, nur einzelne imperialistische Mächte oder einen Teil der jeweiligen Machtblöcke zu kritisieren. Der Logik des kleineren Übels – Clinton statt Trump, Macron statt Le Pen – sollten wir uns verweigern. Ansonsten werden wir vom neoliberalen Machtblock vereinnahmt.”

Warum viele Journalisten der Polizei alles glauben – “Wie das Konstrukt der “privilegierten Quelle” der Glaubwürdigkeit der Presse schadet”

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