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DefundDefendEurope – “Les identitaires veulent faire la chasse aux réfugiés en Méditerranée ! Quand l’abjection s’ajoute à l’horreur”


Rettet die Arier – “Das Heinrich-Himmler-Reservat widmet sich dem Erhalt und der gezielten Aufzucht dieser bedrohten Rasse.”

Im Netz der Lügen – Falschmeldungen im Internet – Sixtus zu Fake News und so.

Bigflo & Oli – La vrai vie

Die Sterne -Depressionen aus der Hölle | Björn Beton Remix

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Murder by numbers: the legacy of the Grenfell Tower fire – “It is difficult to refute the reality of suffering when the death toll is still being reckoned.”
Visualisation of Airbnb through the years: Berlin – “Every dot is the first time an appartment is rented out, with the name of the owner.”

The Justified Ancients Of Mu Mu Confirm More Plans – “The Justified Ancients of Mu Mu have confirmed further details for their plans in 2017, saying that on August 23 they will have completed their The Twenty Three Year Moratorium.”

Aphex Twin – Home – The countdown is over. Here’s all the Aphex Twin music.

Eat Fuck Kill, the legend of the playa’s first meme – “I’m 99.7% sure that “EAT FUCK KILL” is the playa’s first meme.”

Switzerland puzzles over citizenship test after lifelong resident fails – “Funda Yilmaz, 25, was turned down for Swiss citizenship despite living all her life in the country and being fluent in her local dialect”

The Week of Solidarity with J20 Defendants Starts on July 20. – “July 20 marks six months since the mass arrest on L and 12th Street in Washington, DC; more than 200 defendants are now facing up to 75 years in prison apiece on Trumped up charges.”

Eagle takes down Internet firm’s drone in Unalaska – “An eagle killed a flying drone last month in Unalaska.”

What Streaming Music Services Pay – “how much do the streaming apps pay the music industry? And how does the size / popularity of a service impact the likelihood of musicians earning a living from it?”

Security guard robot ends it all by throwing itself into a watery grave – “Knightscope K5 security bot shows your job is probably safe from automation. For now.”

Only Mexico City has the cojones for the Trump/They Live Billboard! – “A few months ago my artist pal Mitch O’Connell launched a crowdfunded plan to pay tribute to the cult classic movie They Live, about a race of space creatures who secretly take over Earth by brainwashing people into supporting policies that are bad for them. He got enough money to erect a billboard in Mexico City!”

Saudi Police Arrest Woman Who Wore Miniskirt in Online Video – “The police in Saudi Arabia arrested a woman on Tuesday who appeared in a video posted online in which she wears a miniskirt and crop top, exposing her legs and midriff in violation of the country’s strict dress code for women.”

List: Modern Lovecraftian Elder Gods – “There are horrors in this universe that man was never meant to know and which he cannot comprehend. Yet, in its hubris humanity has pushed through the very boundaries of reality in order to explore the great virtual unknown, unleashing unspeakable monstrosities upon this world.”


G20-Gipfel: Warum es eine Linke braucht – “Linkes Denken besteht aus mehr als nur naiven Fantasien und einer vereinfachten Weltanschauung. Nach dem G20-Gipfel wollen das bloß viele nicht mehr hören.”

Die wahre Geschichte des Typen, der als “Riot-Bike-Guy” die G20-Krawalle photobombte – “Tausende feierten den freundlichen Mann im weißen Hemd als großartigen G20-Aktivisten. Doch wenn man mit ihm redet, stellt sich der Fall ganz anders da.”

Digitale Öffentlichkeit: Zeit für eine #Netzwende – “Die Medienöffentlichkeit steckt in einer Krise: Teile der Bevölkerung fühlen sich nicht mehr angesprochen von journalistischen Angeboten, die Debattenkultur verroht. Doch es gibt Auswege.”

Linke Szene – In Hamburg wohnt die Wut schon länger – “Wer die G-20-Krawalle verstehen will, muss zurückschauen in die siebziger Jahre: Wie sich Hamburgs linke Szene entwickelt hat.”

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