ready 4 10 days of wankin?

the days between x mess and new years are the worst boring days ever.
each and every fucking year.
i agree 100%.
so letz wank! masturbate 4 peace! beat off! spank the monkey! woo!
here is the schedule and what it symbolizes:
22 – Right Hand – Symbolizes the human right to live free of violence and war
23 – Left Hand – Symbolizes understanding other viewpoints in or to resolve conflicts
24 – Both Hands – Symbolizes bringing opposing viewpoints together
25 – With Toys – Symbolizes the peaceful joy of Christmas
26 – Stand Up – Symbolizes that we must stand up for peace
27 – Sit Down – Symbolizes the power of non-violent resistance to tyranny
28 – No orgasm – Symbolizes the unfinished work to make a peaceful world
29 – Loudly – Symbolizes the need to speak up against warmongering
30 – Outdoors – Symbolizes communion with nature
31 – With Friend – Symbolizes our need to work together for peace

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