post-dj wobble

last night the dj was shite!
on one hand it was great to dj again, and at the same time i am totally glad i dont do this too often anymore.
hell, dj-ing is sooo stressful.
next day now. i am all bombed out, my brain inna mush, wobbley behind cotton, the world out there a blur. these words unreadable on the screen… i exaggerate, but only slighly, itzah killah.
i fucked up something terrible last nite … and, as usual, nobody noticed.
who cares about the dj’s performance? only other djs/music-fashists.
we had a guest from france, a great dj technically, but a real arrogant prick. a friend tells me, she thought he was so full of himself, that it looked like he was getting himself off on the mixing deck.
i often wonder these days, is the area of the dj coming to an end?

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