size matters [not]

so me and yodda would disagree on this point, but i still think it does matter. do you?
well, here is some highly interesting info i found about animal’s penis sizes [in erect state]:
surprisingly short is the gorilla’s best friend with 3 cm, which is even shorter than an orang-utan’s 4 cm and a chimp’s 8 cm, who both are physically much smaller than the gorilla.
to sum up: monkey’s certainly do not seem to be extremly well hung. there’s hope for the monkey chicks… maybe they make up their lack of size with the most acrobatic of techniques!!!???
on the other end of the scale the giraffe sports a 1 meter bone, which is beaten by the elephant with 1.50 and the bluewhale with an unbelievable 2.50. you whale chicks in the back may start squealing…

testicle weight relative to bodyweight is another interesting indicator: again the gorilla is found at the bottom of the scale: 0.02%, whereas the rat 0.68% and the horse 0.71% [that’s 340 g of nuts] are the winners in this particular category.

so what have we learned? uhm nothing i guess. except maybe we now understand why whales do seem to squeal an awful lot and why gorilla’s tend to look so grumpy?

by writing this do i admit to having the archetypal male obsession with penis size… do i???
[from michael miersch: das bizarre sexualleben der tiere isbn 3-8218-1519-1]

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