a new gameshow

[…] the season-ending episode of the popular game show, in which twelve contestants are given mystery injections and have to wait a week for the results. ten are harmless, and the contestants win only the home version of the game. one injection creates the famous ‘visacard’ logo on the winner’s skin, signnifying that he or she has won a million swiss francs. the twelfth contestant – a designation the show has now made famous – spontanously combusts. the fun comes in watching what the contestants do during the seven-day countdown as the wait to discover their fate on live television at week’s end. […]
did u believe that?
its just a bit too crazy, right?
but the problem is it almost does sound believable…
and how sick is that?
it is in fact fiction.
i simply replaced ‘wild credits’ with ‘visacard’ and swiss credits with swiss francs
[quoted from otherland – sea of silver light by tad williams]

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