lists 2003

in times when all the magazines have moved the best-of year lists to their november issues, its only fair that i wait for the last minute to publish mine…
plus there is another issue here: we actually wonder what happens to all the things released in say december 2003?
will these appear on the 2004 lists?
or will they fall through the cracks because they next october they will be soooo last year???

various artists: boom boom selection
3 data-cd’s stuffed full with mp3’s covering all things bootleg. amazing job by the guys who ran, the weblog that was the central switchboard of the bootleg scene.
for great bootleg linkage also check base58

various artists: sonic mook experiment 3 hot shit – mute
punk and rock for dancefloors – with an attitude! a portrait of the rowdiest club trend in london, the great sonic mook nights. CD with THE greatest coverart of recent times plus THE cheesiest liner notes ever!

the white stripes: elephant – v2
its one of these albums that runs like a ripple through all of musicland.
it says: rock is back, it does so loud and clear.
and it fuckin… errrr… rocks.
plus: 7 nation army even worx in clubs.
i tested this, after i could get the cd-player to work.

prefuse73: one word extinguisher – warp WARPCD105
i can’t really say i love this, yet i do say this is very relevant! moving along that line where electronica and hiphop meet, it never gets totally exiting but always stays top-quality.

peaches: fatherfucker
ahhhh peaches… a huge relief to find that her second album was just as great as her first one, and that she did not allow herself to get pigeonholed in the electro-clash or any other silly category.
very punky. and we likeeeee

kraftwerk: tour de france soundtracks
the old boys from düsseldorf are finally back!
nuff said!

chuck palahniuk: diary
chuck delivers! at first i did not enjoy this book at all, maybe my expectations had been toooo too high. but the storytelling goes crescendo! and in the end i had to force myself to read slower in order to make the reading pleasure last longer…

tom robbins: villa incognito
one book every 5 years and then such a short one … shame on you!
and tom robbins still has no website nor a blog, or nuttin…
but still, we are graetful. we are not worthy.

movie: 28 days later by danny boyle
even if i am THE only one: i totally loved it…
tv: otherworld [the fantastic series that never got aired in the us was shown here in switzerland and IT IS FANTASTIC. 24h can forget about it compared to this] chris morris’ jam [the radioshow turned tv-series finally on dvd]
website: [online community like they ought to be]
game: splinter cell [stealth action seems to go well with my sneaky character], jak II [when jump&run meets action/adventure. non-linear story-lines are the future!!!]
game bummer: uru [the sequel to myst and riven] only came out on the bloody pc [cheerz mr. gates!]
hype of the year: flashmobs [it was fun for maybe 3 minutes…]
geeky joy: moblogging [such immediacy, so exiting]
political bummer: war in iraq, dubya lying, blocher, aaahhnold… whats going on here? is this the it-gets-worse-before-it-gets-better-part? or did somebody flip the wrong switch?
career: who cares… can i please enjoy my early retirement in peace?

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