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i have been very hesitant about this.
is this shameless self-promotion? is it?
i was born and raised in a much too calvinist environment to not feel at least slightly guilty about making my own dj-mix album of the month here.
thing is though, i have not bought any music at all this last month and i have not even downloaded many interesting mp3’s [except that great xmas song compilation over at 8bitpeoples, but i guess we all agree that xmas 2003 is soooo over! except for the christian orthodox xmas of course, which will happen january 6th, which is why they never find xmas trees, but thats a whole ‘nother story…]
so anyway… this then would be a different kind of album of the month, and i wont even much babble on about it, i wont…
this was my musical obsession this last month and therefore album of the month.
CD cover PDF
and the tracklist goes as follows:

1. intro
2. fingathing: drunken master – grand central
3. dj shadow: 6 days feat. mos def – mo wax
4. freddy fresh: mighty fin – electric music foundation
5. layo & bushwacka: sleepy language – xl xllp154
6. mekon: welcome to tackletown [deckwrecka rmx] – wall of sound wallt023
7. carol cool: upside down – soul jazz sjr lp66
8. brüknam project: siba dub plate – knitting factory rec kfw-296
9. fingathing: superheromusic [depth charge rmx] – grand central
10. noiseshaper: keep the focus – different drummer difep 25
11. rek sh*t rebeulz: make ya feel betta – nervous rec. ne 20311b
12. proppellerheads: go faster – wall of sound wallt 016
13. david bowie: heroes [aphex twin rmx] – warp
14. stranglers: no more heroes – ua uala -829g
15. bushwacka!: healer – oblong obl12002a
16. freddy fresh: keep the groove – electric music foundation
17. bolz bolz: chance – world electric
18. scratch dee: bmx kidz [starwrecka mix] – zomba
19. yellow magic orchestra: computer games – alfa rec
20. dj shadow: blood on the motorway – mo wax
21. daniel wang: pistol oderso – ghostly international
22. the roots: the seed – mca
23. outro

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