fox with a limp

a limping fox! that was the first thing i saw today after opening my eyes and peeking out the windows.
the fact to see a fox is not that surprising – i seem to see quite a few of them, when i am up here in the mountains – yet to see a fox with a limp, now that’s something.
how did he get hurt?
now, this might be my interpretation, but the fox seemed really pissed off as he was slowly limping by my window, forced to pause every few meters, he seemed to be grumbling to himself.
maybe something like: “damn! shit! piss! why me?” in foxlanguage of course…
so we did not understand.
but i mean think about it: you’re a fox, it’s winter, it’s friggin cold [-9 C], and the only way you survive out there is by being cunning and fast – and then this! you break a leg! bummer!
so i watched the fox limping downhill and wondered what his options for survival were…

it’s a jungle out there

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