wunderbar furry jacko defacement

arrow remember the jacko facelift suggestions i did awhile ago???
well this danish guy did much better: he made the michael drackson defacement flash tool

arrow this is fun for 2 minutes! furry tantra space bar sex

arrow oh we love nerds, we do. this guy says he was bored during his lunch break and made a tool, that lets you figure out what age you would have on different plantes.
here’s me:
On Mercury you are currently 173 years old. Your next Mercurial birthday is 14/3/104.
On Venus you are currently 67 years old. Your next Venutian birthday is 16/2/104.
On Mars you are currently 22 years old. Your next Martian birthday is 21/7/105.
On Jupiter you are currently 3 years old. Your next Jovian birthday is 29/9/109.
On Saturn you are currently 1 years old. Your next Saturnine birthday is 18/3/121.

[all the links via 4rthur & b3ta.com]

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