human potential is infinite

this morning, in the bathtub, the adolf hitler in me had a conversation with the buddha in me. they were talking about …

no no wait, hold on, you don’t need to call an ambulance to have me sent to a psychiatric hospital – or maybe you do ??? uuuhhhh

no no, i am just talking about potentials here. i am saying that the human potential covers a huge spectrum, an almost impossible gamut from hitler to buddha, from gw bush to ramana maharshi.
and i am saying: none of this is foreign to me.

in my actions i of course choose which side of the spectrum i actually allow to manifest. yet i need to acknowledge this whole spectrum as a potential within me or i will be lost in the endless projections of my repressed potentials onto other people.

so what were they talking about?
hitler and buddha?

have a guess!

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