what do you do, if a 14 year old boy from china keeps talking to you on icq, even after you made i quite clear, that you are not interested ???
the boy from china, who btw is a HUGE fan of daniel radcliff [= the harry potter actor] and runs a killer website dubbed daniel fans tribe 4 china, keeps greeting me with an enthusiasm that baffels me each and every time:

Jamy [11:42 Uhr]: hi………i am comin
pieceoplastic [11:44 Uhr]: where are you comin too?
Jamy [11:45 Uhr]: here…… chat with u

a bit later this is me trying to figure out why he chats with me:

pieceoplastic [11:53 Uhr]: do you think i am a girl?
Jamy [11:54 Uhr]: i fact………i don`t think so…….but,,,,,,,,if u r……i wont surprise it
pieceoplastic [11:55 Uhr]: i am not… i still dont understand why u wanna chat with me…
Jamy [11:56 Uhr]: no wonder………….just wanna make friend with u….. just so……

but these days you never know with whom you are chatting anyways….
it might be a chatbot like vixenlove, who chats up guys and publishes the chat transcripts online….

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