movie binge

arrow movie 3 in 1 week after months and months of no movies…
a right binge, i’d say.
the film?
i went to see bertolucci’s the dreamers.
total ugh.
another cant-do-no-wrong filmmaker tumbling from that particular pedestale.
just this: the theatre was full of single men past 50.
dirty old man filmmaking at its best!
the soundtrack: a scandal!!!! je ne regret rien as the end-music totally killed me.

arrow is there a devil? a god?
prolly not.
but if yes, its an ugly old man at a bus stop, who starts to abuse you out of the blue, trying to transmit his anger onto you, keeping this going so long, ’till finally you wanna punch him and/or break his blue [!] sunglasses…
then god would be the busdriver, who pulls up just in time…

arrow to all you kittie lovers out there: what about the cute kittens, who started to feed on their dead owner’s body… doing this for days… till…
happened somewhere in france.

arrow yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yoooo gollum

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