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DISCLAIMER: its all about information, right? and the internet is THE greatest tool to spread information. but i think we now have to start saying, that there is almost too much information out there on the internet…
while most people feel overwhelmed by this developement and turn away from the medium, others have taken this into a strange direction. there seems to be some sort of a silly race going on among certain internet users and especially among bloggers, a competition about who discovered what information first? the race called: i have seen it first. or more like: i have blogged about it first.
well, if you have not already noticed: i am not participating in that particular race.
because, who cares… its just too silly!
i really love the internet, click my way around it and blog things i like here…
no claim. just a reminder! the web is alive! and kickin!

MUSIC VIDEO: hands down the best musicvideo i have ever seen! this piece of music has been one of my favorite bootlegs for quite awhile. the evolution control comitee had famously pasted a public enemy rap over a herb albert tune. now some germans created the corresponding music video: rebel without a pause (whipped cream mix). longish download, but well worth it!

MUSICIAN: osymyso is my hero! he is he is he is!!! check out the track he made re: saddam’s arrest! wegoddim. brilliant!

DJs: who said the dj was dead? [i did!] or: sex sells. fetish dj portia surreal from new york says in an interview, that when she djs her breasts somehow always get involved. this does look rather like a spoof though. img 1, img 2, img 3. is she for real?
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lets not forget: dj vinylpimp

GRAFFITI: a space invader walk through lausanne: click the space invader or a brilliant flash anim of arrows? or is it a arrow of flashs?
both woo!

MILK: its hard to explain why i prefer this particular online game over this one… is it the cow? is it the milk?? is it the sounds it makes???
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