footie media

we hate to admit it, but france does seem to produce the best football players of the world at the moment.
and not many women i know would disagree, that they certainly have some of the sexiest players.
anelka, trezeguet, henry…
but then: the french footie media is the best in the business as well.
france football has been the best football magazine for years now.
and the best football tv show just got better. telefoot airs sunday at 10.50 on tf1, perfectly scheduled to roll out of bed and enjoy some footie action!
it had been a good tv-show already, but it just got even better. totally new outfit, new format.
the weekly footie must!

in swiss footie media the good news is, where supporters will be able to hear all their team’s games in an internet based radio model.
the makers of this free! internetproject claim, that their overhead cost is so little, that they will be able to have a positive balance within the first year of business…
who said internetbusiness cant work???

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