cheap gurus in snazzy jeeps

i will be spending the next ten days in the mountains. the house i am staying at got totally snowed in.
the drive was rough, with all the snow and dutch drivers in various degrees of panic on the road, but despite a few “situations” i made it here in one piece.
quite the adventure! yay!

the last “situation” i had was with a familiar looking, ponytailed driver of a black sporty jeep, who cut in super sharp just in front of me. after i hit the breaks and as my car was sliding towards his fender, i was wondering if he was the ponytailed rightwing politician oscar freysinger. but then, just as my car started to slow its slide, i noticed a big sticker with the url on his rearshield window.
then i dawned on me.
i had a close encounter with the european rael-sect leader, who as i happen to know lives just a few villages bellow from where i am staying. in december they had a huge and very controversial rael-conference in crans-montana, a bit higher up the mountain.
well, what a snazzy jeep for a semi-guru! and what a shite driver!
the only question that puzzles me: was it really him driving or was it his clone?

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