reactionary air-heads

french electronic music popstars air reveal their chauvinist views on women:

making love to your girlfriend is your way of respecting her. if you are doing that you don’t have to work [in the house] or help out with the kids. she will do everything for you.
more and more men are getting less respect from girls because of feminism. women want men to do everything now. i think, “ok, i will take care of the kids and the kitchen, but don’t ask me to take you to a restaurant or out dancing or fuck you all night, because i can’t do it all”. so women have a choice: do they want a cool macho man or a man who is good in the kitchen? a women wants to feel desired and beautiful and it takes a lot of energy from a man to do that. so if he’s putting his energies into something else he doesn’t have any left to make her feel great.

i always thought air was a bit strange. but this statement is outright reactionary and only possible in france somehow. it would almost be funny, if it wasn’t so scary.
[via the jockey slut interview: air; jockey slut volume 7 number 1]

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