keep my hot pants on

i am a two pairs of pants kind of man.
right now i own one pair of levi’s blue jeans and one pair of grey cord pants. but i am afraid, the old faithful couple is starting to look a bit old on my ass! so i went to a shopping center this last weekend looking for new pants.
but what did i see?
they were selling “aged” levi’s and cord pants!

does this mean levi’s run the pants through machines to make them look aged before they sell them? or do they have actual humans wearing and washing the pants to make them look aged fast..?
i guess we ‘ll never know!

but i mean: wow!
how stupid can the consumers get?

i just couldn’t help it. i imagined the guys at levi’s hq sitting around a table at one of their marketing meetings laughing their asses off: “ha ha, we’ ll sell them aged pants for the price of new ones! not only will they pay alot for aged pants, but the consumers will have to buy new-aged pants very fast again, because they ‘ll break in a matter of months … ha ha ha”

so i guess i ‘ll stick to my naturally aged pants, hitting to birds with one stone: being totally fashinable AND saving my money.

ha ha ha

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