raw rant

i sat down one morning and just started writing, stream of conciousness, no censorship, purge.
this is what came out. warning: raw!

arrow the world is going to shit. its already the pits. look at us humans using up all the natural resources, polluting our own water, our air, everything. look at the economy going haywire in its globalised fantasy. look at the politicians playing war for peace. look at the media covered in blood turning everybody into voyeurists/exhibitionists. look at the pope insisting on all the wrong doctrines.
its pathetic.
take religion. the jews and the catholics and the protestans and the muslims. how long has this been going on? 2000 years? and all because the jews might have a point, a slightly more intelligent point of view on one issue, the christians on another, the muslims on a third? and the endless argument starts right there. but this argument can never be won. this war is pointless, because these are all deeply flawed religions: mysogenist, supremist, one-dimensional. and they all seem to say in one way or another: be fruitful and multiply.
children are the greatest thing. but how dare anybody put children into THIS world. how dare they passing on the neurosis they inherited from their parents onto their children. without looking at themselves first. without questioning their motives. what situation are we putting these children into? and why?
life as we know it is anti-life. we are destroying this planet. humans are the cancer on this planet, a cancer growing out of proportion. a ticking timebomb and we will see it blow. we will.
what to do? the thoughts are out there. its all been said. the world can be changed. starting with oneself. but nobody does it. nobody starts this process of changing right here, right now. and everybody keeps pointing fingers. its the religions, its politics, its the economy, its my abusive parents, its my job, its stuff out there. its not me. like a child caught doing something wrong: it wasn’t me…
we who are living in the priviledged countries of this planet are doing so on the back of the rest of the planet. we are oppressing more than 80% of the planets population just to ensure our shameless standards of living.
yet are we happy? drowning in all our ridiculous comfort are we satisfied? no, because there is always a better car to be owned. a bigger house to be built. a hipper gadget to be bought.
trying to conceal our disatisfaction we stuff our faces. we develop our addictions. we become the bottomless pit, the hole, that can never be stuffed. we are being good consumers, fullfilling our civil obligation to help bring this planet down. we are the quartz that keeps the self-destruction-machine running.
einstein said: “only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity. and i am not sure about the universe…”
with as simple an act as hitting a lightswitch in my home, i endorse nuclear energy, i participate in creating toxic waste, that will last for thousands of years, and i agree to this toxic waste being dumped into the sea. the sea that is the mother of all life.
and i just switched on a light, dude…
i start up my car and i endorse dubya gw bush and his oilindustry buddies, i support the worlds worst warmonger and biggest liar, i justify his wars and his fashist regime.
i could go on and on – and on – and on with examples like these.
i am part of the machine. the machine that will eventually kill all of human life – and probably all other life forms on this planet as well. i am part of it. i participate. keep the machine oiled and fueled and running and purring, pushing it along in its self-destructive momentum. recycling and buying organic food is just something to do to try and calm down the guilt.
its us. we all know it. yet do we change? we still wonder: is it worth it? we still ask: why me? we lie to ourselves and pretend sarcasam is a hip attitude, cynicism is a solution.
if i know this and i dont stop this i AM responsible.
the work starts right here. all i can do is change, starting right here, change myself. i will have to take the first step. i will

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