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arrow download cory doctorovs new book eastern standard tribe and load it on your palm. with his second book cory is even more generous than he was with his first one down and out in the magic kingdom. its available in .html, asci, .txt and about 523 different palm formats. one will surely work.
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arrow start a socks subscription @ they ll send you 3 to 4 brandu pairs of top quality socks every few months for a very reasonable price. now thats what i call bloody uselful!

arrow order a free cd @ freelance hellraisers. lets see what he ll send you. there is also a nice declaration of love to christina aguilera anim thingie on his website somewhere.

arrow limewire as many songs as possible by an artist who you used to respect, but who has jusr brought out a copy-protected cd!!! that calls for major p2p suckage; question of principals. no names mentioned here, but it does sound something like free country.

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