vegetarian funk food numbah 4

brown rice dream team

brown rice cooked with oninions and seaweed (hijiki or arame)
once the rice is ready it gets fried in sesame oil, with freshly ground ginger, soysauce and honey
tofu and broccoli steamed
cucumber cut to small squares and sprinkeled with lemon juice

the brown rice is clearly the star of this dish.
ginger, soysauce and honey are the dream team of flavors and turn this into a great hearty meal. together with the seaweed flavor: heaven!
the rest is spread onto the rice.
the cold cucumber and avocado with the hot broccoli and tofu add additional palateal[?] exitement

cooking time: however long the brown rice takes.
i use a pressure cooker, so 14 minutes

vegetarian funk food
inspired by some far off meaty cousin, so?
just better…
neither slow nor fast food
+ what i ate today!

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