having coffee w. simona …

… is always fun!!!
evil right-wing politician christoph blocher will take his appartment in the street where simano lives and we discussed the fun that can be had with this… TONS!
[the street for this reason will have a namechange btw from brunngasse to –> braungasse]
then we discussed the recent marriage between a french woman and her dead boyfriend and wondered who said “yes” for him???? later we discussed why teachers are the new slaves and why fleece is the most god-aweful clothing material ever [because it soaks up all the sweat!]. all this while drinking at least 1 liter of coffee in the hugest of bowls… *burpsie*
and already it was time to go back to knitting socks! [which is a hip activity btw.]
simona smilah
fake or genuine?

in other news: please check out the new favicon at dumpdubya2004.ch.vu

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