a few years ago this rather strange wish appeared to me – out of nowhere!
i started to get fascinated with helicopters and wished i could fly one.
do not ask me why.
i don’t understand….

but of course [?] i dismissed the thought.

only rather disgusting organisations tend to fly these beautiful machines, police, army and the like, and, on a more practical level, i was already way to old to pursue such a career.
and then i read somewhere [oh i forgot where..] that the helicopter is the most faschistic means of transportion that there is.
i had to admit this to be true, i mean, the hovering prescence of a ‘copter has something sooo threatening. dragonflies, clearly the model for the helicopter in the animalworld, exude that same invasive threat, when they approach you and their irritating sound is not without merrit to that.
on the other hand, in otherland, the second book, in the bug sim people drive around in little dragonfly ‘copters. it’s such a cool thought.
but i ‘ll tell you, my frozen need of flying a helicopter has finally been somewhat satisfied.
you ask where?
gta: vice city – playstation2 – pieceCopter zipping around in a different helicopter every day!

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