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moviestar webpages are a genre on its own. they are usually pretty iffy as far as design and programming goes, they are touchingly cute in content and most makers seem to have lost interest at some point and have never updated the site since…
i usually suspect that these pages were made in some “101 html for beginners” evening course at a church group or something.
well yesterday i went to see 21 grams [yes, thereby contradicting myself here]. great movie btw!!! [and there was only a chairsqueecher to disturb the show].
afterwards i went ahead and googled naomi watts, of course, THE most underrated actress ever.
or one could also ask the question, how did such a great actress get stuck inside a blonde bimbo body???
but anyway, the websites.

The Naomi Watts Page : appears at the top of the google list! there is an incredible font choice here, tons of images, but none of them rendered in a way that would make them usable and its updated untill about roughly mullholland drive

N a o m i – W a t t s [dot] N e t: seems very up-to-date, and has some too touchingly cute features, like for instance the AIM chat-icons [that dont exist somehow!] and the what was that? where an image gets posted every week it says and users are asked to create a caption for it and send it in via email [which of course i did!]

DIVINE THING: A NAOMI WATTS FAN PAGE. EST. 2002: is quite a cute falsh website where under the header fun you can answer the question “How did you become a fan of Naomi’s?” and where under quotes we learn that naomi does not take no bs: “When it’s based on my work, that makes me happy. But when it’s based on the hype, and people start blowing smoke up my ass, I’m very careful. I have a great bullshit detector, and I can tell the difference.”

The Naomi Watts Experience: is prolly the official website, allthough surprisingly it does not say so anywhere. its flash again [ugh], but it has some great high-res fotos under gallery… otherwise its pretty basic.

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