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Twilight Electric: Meanings 8BP039

despite the most pretentious describtion of music ever – “Twilight Electric’s “Meanings” touches on three important aspects of life. The Self Portrait, gaining an understanding of yourself in the most raw and honest form. True Fidelity, being dedicated to one sincere cause and sticking with it, through thick and thin. And Stepping Back, taking a moment to stop and look at all that you have achieved and endured. “Meanings” is presented through a triad of instrumental movements and based around the casio vl-1. In memory of Twilight Electric and Nullsleep’s father, Todd Fliss 1958-2004.” – we have here another fun release ready for free download.

the new squarepusher lp ultravisitor will be released march 8th but can already be previewed @ [the only annoying feature at is the fact that the preview feature stops every 30 secs. prolly a protection against ripping. but you can listen to the whole song. its just 8 clicks for a 4 minute track… ugh]

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