that was a tv-moment!!!

generally speaking german tv is odd. they have all these licenced shows, imitating standard american tv formulas – the afternoon talk show, the evening talk, the court shows – all that shit; yet here its not even funny, its trying too hard to be exactly like the american original and its just generally too fcuking german.
[and i won’t even speak about swiss tv here… which is way way WAY worse!]
but then thank god there is stefan raab and his tv total show, who is making fun of it all and who’s hyperactive quirkiness is frequeltly irritating but usually spot on. [lisa loch! wok-wm!]
last night stefan raab proved that the staracademy/deutschland sucht den superstar/musicstar formula can be a great thing. the quality of the singers who had responded his call to competition was extremly high. and this must have been the first of these dial-in popstar shows, where the best singer/performer actually won… and the second best came in second. so even the people watching this played along. and then, when the 3 members of the jury got up and performed waterloo in mock-abba-drag we knew that this was one of those tv-moments… respect!

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