shaaame shame shame shame

how to deal with shame?
this is a tough one!
i can handle most other emotions.
i am great with fear
i am a master at melancholy
well, anger is not my forte, but i am learning, boy am i not

but shame???
problem is, it does not happen that often.
but when it does its quite overwhelming.
i ll have these thoughts, say memories of some embarassing situation in the past, and my whole body contracts with shame. in those moments you’ll see me mumbeling to myself, negotiating: oh, no i did such and such. why did i do such and such … ?? we could i not have done such and such instead ??
itzah killah!
there is definite crinching action envolved with shame!
whole body contraction and :

oh noooooo. why can’t we just live in a lil box and never do stoopid things?

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