album[s] of the month 03/2004

sometimes its simply too hard to decide…. so here are 4 albums – these are all great and all mp3-based

1/4 squarepusher: ultravisitor – WARP117 available 08 / 03 / 2004

ultravisitor will not come out till sometime this coming month (march 8.) but lets us preview the whole thing [if we are patient enough to put up with the stream stopping every 30 secs]. as usual with the squarepusher the music is extraordinary. some tracks have huge potential. square window [already available 4 dl at] contains major my red hot car hooks and harmonies – in downtempo! i lub lub

2/4 plaid: dialp – WARPSAMP3

i hesitated to make the latest plaid album spokes album of the month when it came out a few months ago. but i don’t think its their best work. so i decided against it.
well, the people clever enough to order spokes via warpmarket received a limited (2000 copies) edition mix-cd by plaid called dialp. this mix can now be purchasedas a mp3 at
its is an excellent mix of some of plaid’s best work and the mix was done by plaid themselves.
[btw. if you solve the puzzle at the spokes website you receive a free high-res plaid track called *hint hint* awotm]

3/4 dj danger mouse: grey album

this has been all over the net these last few days.
i disagree with some critics and i don’t think, that this record is very interesting as far as the music goes.
but as a statement, a concept even, it totally works and with the act of civil disobedience on the internet it sparked, it totally deserves 1/4 album of the month here.

4/4 twilight electric: meanings 8BP039

8bitpeoples is an excellent mp3 label, that makes all their releases available as mp3 downloads. twilight electric’s latest comes with the most pretentious discription ever (“Twilight Electric’s “Meanings” touches on three important aspects of life. The Self Portrait, gaining an understanding of yourself in the most raw and honest form. True Fidelity, being dedicated to one sincere cause and sticking with it, through thick and thin. And Stepping Back, taking a moment to stop and look at all that you have achieved and endured.”) but musically its cute – lowtech – funky … as we like.

single of the month:

cloudead: two dogs dead [boards of canada rmx] – bigdada

cloudead are one of these bands that you either like or hate. i for one think they are pretentious pseudo hip-hoppers.
but along comes boards of canada and deliver one of their rare enough remixes, which catapults this amongst my all time favorites tracks. they add some flute here, some strings there, oh and classical quitar and two dogs dead stops pretending to be hiphop and starts working nicely as a rock/opera/spoken word thingie.
you must get this! either at your local recordsstore, ninjastore or on a p2p network near you…

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