the postmodern calamity

what does moral judgment mean, especially in this postmodern era – the era of what i call aperspectival madness, of rampant pluralism and madness, where nothing can be said to be better or worse than anything else.
[it’s] the calamity of our generation, that we’ve come to think that you’re morally good if you don’t make judgements. but that’s exactly wrong. you’re morally good if you make the right kind of judgments. and you have to learn how to make wise judgments in order to make moral decisions. but what we do, because we understandably don’t want to marginalise anyone or unfairly judge, is to say, therefore, don’t judge at all. and so we stand back with no moral compass, no judgements, no discriminating wisdom, and basically the whole show goes to hell because of that.

[quoted from ken wilber: in search of a new moral compass – wie]

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