14 000 domain names in 24h

starting last monday march 1. domains containing umlauts such as ä ö ü etc. can be registered.
switch.ch informs, that within 24 hours 14 000 domains have been registered, and 300 000 more requests been made!
i still dont understand why anyone would wanna register a domaine containing keys, that on most keyboards on this planet are hidden somewhere behind complicated “ctrl” + “alt” combinations.
the list of the most requested domains is quite telling though:

müller.ch: 2633 [müller is the swiss smith]
bücher.ch: 1908 [books?]
zürich.ch: 1487 [downtown switzerland]
züri.ch: 1399 [oh god please no, dialect domains???]
börse.ch: 1363 [money money money]
möbel.ch: 1162 [damn, thats a surprise. furniture?]
büro.ch: 863 [long live the bürokratie]
käse.ch: 655 [say cheese]
töff.ch: 602 [no! this one is the forbidden]
lüthi.ch: 600 [either lüthi is a very common name, or nick just would not take no for an answer]

how about chuchichästli.ch? [registered!] figugägu.ch? [still available!] äuä.ch? [gone!]

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