of cunts, bicycleseats and doggies

:flash: it may indeed

bike seat
:flash: the near fatal combo
girls in mini skirts on a bicycle are in and of itself a delicious thing!
japanese girls in mini skirts on a bicycle! is almost too much to take, dude
japanese girls in mini skirts on a bicycle with a transparent seat please excuse me for a few minutes…
*wmpfwmpfwmpfwmpf* *ahhhh* *splatter*
[both via the ever inspired and inspiring missie w. – we worship you!]

:flash: check out this german dog-lover website where canine lovers can purchase carneval costumes [shown here: groom, prisoner, housewife, pirate, angel] and some other incredibly useful things for their doggies.
you ll also find dog perfumes in very inventive variations: cool dog by doggidoff, grrsace, arfmani or how maybe dogo boss? and these delicious looking dog biscuits.. *wof*
hunde kotellet

:flash: in this shockwave game you are a hippie that has to carry frogs across the highway to save them from being splattered by cars… very eductional. but fun!
[both via quatsch comdey club]

:flash: my contribution to this week’s b3ta challenge: get rich quick

“mr. p” has received an offer he cant refuse
mr. p
this was somehow funnier in my head… oh well

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