what i used to love about blogs …

oh blogs sure have changed…
what i used to love about blogs was how most authors switched lighly between the chatty/personal/vulnerable and the informative/factual/serious. blogs as journal/newswire/distributed network/webzine is what made for a brilliant mixture, somewhere between odd, hip and hype.

lately it seems that its mostly pseudo-journalists and/or wanna-be editors who are – via blogging – trying to fulfill their dream of an “own” media outlet. and sadly the post-modern mental ailment of ironic detachment has replaced the earlier overexited and goofy lightness and self-irony.
some people may look upon this developement with a sense of relief. but not me. vulnerability is a good thing. laying things out there is healthy. trying to maintain the big myth of how cool i am is simply too boring.

people take themselves to damn serious as it is. blogs used to set a playful counterweight using self-irony instead of ironic detachement.
i have to admit that reading some teenagers anguished ramblings got tiring fast. the key was in the mixture. when next to carefully researched facts, you’d find a blab of surprising openess, or a joke, or some personal insight.

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